HIV/AIDS: US, Global Funds Donates $469m To Nigeria



The United States of America has signed the 2017 Country Operational Plan (COP) on HIV/Aids prevention, care and treatment in Nigeria

The COP which was co signed by the US Global AIDS Coordinator, Ambassador at Large, Deborah Brix, and the Country’s Director General, National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), Dr Sani Aliyu, is an annual document showing the U.S response plan for HIV/AIDS interventions in Nigeria.

The Operational Plan is expected to take effect from January 2018 and terminate by December 2018 as revealed by Brix.

She also explained that while the US has budgeted $383 million, Global Funds budget for the country has equalled the donation to the sum of $469 million

“So we were conversing and we budget $383 million, then we now say a budget of $469 million because it will include and note the contribution of the global fund,” she said.

The Ambassador further commended the federal government and efforts made so far in tackling the pandemic, adding that COP is also geared towards actualising the vision 2020 when the disease will have been put under control.

The NACA DG who was excited at the occasion, expressed gratitude for the kind gesture, noting that most of the intervention is being driven by the US government which already has over 700,000 HIV patients on treatment.

“You are committing to putting another 260 000 people on treatment which means, the US Government is keeping alive hundreds of thousands of Nigerians, who are currently looking after their families, putting bread on their tables,” he said.