Lead With Fear Of God , Cleric Tells Nigerian Leaders



Nigerian leaders have been urged to lead the people with the fear of God in order to get the country out of her numerous challenges.

The founder of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Canaanland, Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji, who gave the advice said failure of those in the position of authority and their followers to live in righteousness was responsible for the myriad of problems our nation is contending with.

The firebrand preacher spoke at the commencement of the weeklong

Apostle Ayo Babalola Power Explosion crusade with the theme: “King of Kings” holding in  Ekiti State.

The cleric assured that the bondage of under-development, terrorism

and insurgency, corruption, robbery, kidnapping, economic recession,

ethnocentrism and break up threats among others will soon become

history, if everyone will return to path of truth and righteousness.

Prophet Oladeji who noted that some the challenges staring the country

in the face have been there long ago, urged all Nigerians irrespective

of their faiths to return to God and keep praying for the redemption

and restoration of our dear country.

The firebrand preacher spoke at the commencement of the weeklong

Apostle Ayo Babalola Power Explosion crusade with the theme: “King of

Kings” holding in  Ekiti State.

He said, “The nation had experienced and is presently going through

difficult situation. Something must responsible for all of these. It

is not two years we have been in it, it has been there for long. Our

major challenge is un- righteousness and we are gradually getting out of

it. By the special grace of God we will be delivered totally.  The way

out is to fear and return to God. God Himself knows how to get the

country out of the situation.

“The leaders must do what they are assigned to do irrespective of the

position they are occupying because it God that put them in that

position of authority and the citizenry must make truth and

righteousness their watchword, in no distance time, all the storms

before us will cease.”

Assuring that a way out of the current woes be-deviling the nation is a

return to God who he described as ‘The king of kings’, the cleric

said: “The King of kings knows the beginning and end of all things. He

is the one who has the solutions to the challenges facing the


Dwelling  on the 15th edition of the church’s annual crusade, Oladeji said”We have given this crusade the title ‘King of kings because I am assuring everyone in Nigeria, that all the challenges of

hate speech, austerity, recession, kidnapping, and terrorism among

others would soon pass away”.

The programme, according to him will feature salvation,  healing,

deliverance, restoration, uncommon grace marital and financial breakthrough, prayers for the fruit of womb, prayers for the nation and lots more.

While urging all Christian and Muslim leaders to pray against challenges pointing towards a possible break-up of the country, he said, ” Righteousness exalts a nation, sin is a reproach. Every one of us, clerics, leaders, market men and women, we must all be truthful in our dealings with fellow men. Let’s do things with the fear of God because we will account for all our actions here on earth.

“The only way out of the bondage for us is to always say the truth to ourselves so that the King of kings can deliver us. I believe strongly that the King of kings will take over. He will use some people, like He used Moses, to deliver us thoroughly.

“The one who knows the foundation of Nigeria is the King of kings .This

is why we are assuring all that very soon, the manifestation of the King of kings would put paid to all these challenges. There are still challenges ahead for us, but all these will be happening as trials for the nation so we can appreciate the omni-potent power of the King of