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SHS Responsible For 25% Risk Of Heart Disease — NGO



A nongovernmental organization operating under the aegis of Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) has identified exposure of an individual to second hand smoke (SHS) as being responsible for 25% risk of coronary heart disease.

The NGO called on federal  the government to enforce the ban on  smoking in public places so  as not allow those smoking will not  infect  nonsmokers to second hand smoke which  causes  coronary heart disease.

At the campaign against the smoking of cigarette in Calabar, Executive director of CISLAC Auwal Musa Ibrahim, stated that second hand smoke is a known human carcinogen responsible for a number of deaths.

Ibrahim who was being represented at the campaign session stressed that non-smokers exposed to second hand smoke have 25% higher risk of having coronary heart disease.

The CISLAC’s boss maintained that exposure to second hand smoke (SHS) which occurs in workplaces, homes, night clubs and bars can lead to premature death.

He stressed according to the GATS Nigeria Report key findings which shows that 2.7 million people working indoors are exposed to second hand smoke emitted by cigarette smokers  was not good enough for the health situation of people working in the vicinity adding that if something was not urgently done to salvage the situation Nigeria stands the risk of losing a reasonable portion of its workforce to various tobacco related diseases.

He said that a situation where over 5.2million people working at home were directly or indirectly exposed to tobacco smoke isn’t good to the country’s Gross Domestic product GDP as the figure is likely to have adverse effect on the nation’s workforce if something was not urgently done to tackle the situation.

The NGO urged the federal Government to come up with a legislation that will prevent the sale of tobacco product to  a minors who are below the age of 18 stressing that tobacco consumption was causing the nation more harm than good.

The  executive director maintained that if  something is urgently not  done to salvage the situation most   Nigerians will likely join the league  of the  over 8million individuals speculated  to die by 2030 due to tobacco related diseases.

The NGO boss  enumerated  disease that will cause death s which could have been prevented if cigarette was not to be consumed to include, lung cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory disease as well as stroke leading to upsurge in the number of non-communicable disease arising from tobacco consumption.

He speculated that over 8million people are likely to die in Nigeria due to tobacco related diseases which emanates from tobacco consumption.

The NGO called on government at all levels in Nigeria to step up tax collection which it used to received from tobacco manufacturing companies so that government can increase it revenue base to fund projects for the people.

CISLAC added that there was no taxes collected from tobacco manufacturing companies that can commensurate the level of damage done on the health of the the nation’s citizenry.

The NGO canvassed for tax increment so as to discourage low income earners from cigarette consumption so as not to die young.






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