How Technology Transforms Education And Communication In Africa

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Getting both local and international breaking news is no longer a challenge in this world of advanced technology. Invention of computers has broken many barriers in information dissemination.

Internet and mobile phone devices have, in recent times, made the world a global village where distance is no longer a barrier in the dissemination of information from one place to another all around the globe.

Speaking on the increasing number of credible news portals springing up every day, Mr. Tope Bernard, has called on Nigerian youths to take advantage of this information age and make a difference in their generation while commending the efforts of online publishers.

Bernard noted that he is impressed by the emergence of different news sites today but readers should also be careful in selecting the type of news portals they rely on for latest and reliable news.

“Today we have different news portals for breaking news on the go. Personally, Buzznigeria is my reliable news site for Nigerian news. I get all their news on the go in my mobile phone.”

Another site I comfortably visit often is “answersafrica”. I love updating myself with happenings around Africa and the World at large and it’s exactly what I get from the AnswersAfrica news portal. Entertainment, politics, lifestyle, and other trending stories are timely read on AnswersAfrica.

I love Ghanians so I also follow Ghana news on buzzghana. With credible news on the portal, I can confidently argue on happenings in Ghana as I also wish to be there one day while building my political career.”

“Online news portals are not only providing news to their readers but also creating job opportunities for our teeming unemployed youths. There must be need for writers and other professional services in buzznigeria, answersafrica and buzzghana, a need that will definitely impact the competitive industry. And any effort that is capable of absorbing two or more unemployed youths in this declining economy should be commended.

“Youths should see online media as ample opportunities for them to bridge the gap in their generation. Information is key, future leaders. It is my earnest desire to see youths utilising this computer era beyond Facebook chats. Unemployed youths can, as well, establish themselves through all these online platforms.”

Another category of beneficiaries of online portals are students at all levels of the educational system who are no longer dependent on the little or no educational materials available in most school libraries.

Speaking on the numerous advantages of online portals to both students and teachers in the age of advancement in technology, a renowned secondary school proprietor, Mr. Ikwuje Achanya, says both students and teachers rely on getting educational materials online in this generation and it has really impacted on their performances positively.

“These internet age students are really blessed unlike some of us that are now what our children call “old school” that are being left behind technologically

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