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SystemSpecs, owners of Remita, an e-payment and collection software has expressed satisfaction over its recognition as the ICT/Telecom Company of The Year in the annual LEADERSHIP award ceremony held yesterday in Abuja.

The company was among those that were awarded by the newspaper firm for their outstanding performance in their various areas in a grand ceremony that was held at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja.

The company was recognized for the enviable role it played in the implement of the well-proclaimed Treasury Single Account (TSA) initiative across all sectors of Nigeria by the President Buhari-led federal government.

Receiving the award on-behalf of the company, the ICT firm’s Managing Director, Mr John Obaro said such outstanding recognisition couldn’t come anytime other than now, most importantly as it coming from an independent medium as LEADERSHIP Newspapers Group. “It’s a very encouraging time to realize that an independent group as LEADERSHJIP to scout through the economy to identify the various people who are influencing the society positively,” Obaro said after receiving the prestigious award in Abuja yesterday.

Recall SystemSpecs was in the eye of the storm that ranged at the throes of the full implementation of the TSA regime by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government. Noting that LEADERSHIP was one of the newspapers that were able to sieve out facts from fiction at that trying time, Obaro said “we are very encouraged that they were able to pick us out for this award. It’s something which we will not take lightly,” adding: “It is something we see as a sign of encouragement that even when many people don’t understand why you’re doing some of the thing you are doing, keep doing it. Some people will appreciate it.”

Expressing joy over the award, Obaro enthused: “We say thank you very much to the LEADERSHIP newspapers.”

Although many have called for the scrapping or relaxation of the stiff implementation of the TSA over the economic crisis that is rocking the country, Obaro opines that those making such calls are not aware of the efficacy of the initiative.

“It’s a matter of understanding what TSA is about. It only provides you an avenue to know what funds are coming to you and to know what funds are going out. You have one central place where you monitor all inflows and outflows,” he said.

“Today, government is a position to know what their cash balance is. What you do with that money is a different thing. If you say it is stifling any sector of the economy, now you are in a position to invest in that economy if you so wish. And then, there will be a proper trace of all the transactions going up and down. That is what TSA is. It has nothing to do with stifling money,” Mr Obaro said, adding: “I don’t see how anybody can say that it is bad. Clearly, I dare say, even though there are economic challenges in Nigeria today, without TSA, the story would have been worse.”

Obaro used the opportunity to announce his company’s plan for its public in the coming days. “We are continuously working to make the platform a lot more efficient and we are coming up with some products in the next few weeks, which will further help to transform the electronic payment industry in Nigeria,” he added.


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