BBOG Verifies Names Of Released Chibok Girls

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The #BringBackOurGirls group had stated that it had with the help of the Kibaku Area Development  Association, representatives of the Chibok community in Abuja has succeeded in matching the names of 21 rescued girls with their position on its existing list.

In a press statement signed by leaders of the group, Dr Oby Ezekwesili and Aisha Yesufu listed the names and position of in its list are;

  1. Mary Usman – 159
  2. Jummai John – 78
  3. Blessing Abana – 90
  4. Luggwa Sanda – 27
  5. Comfort Habila – 24
  6. Maryam Basheer – 195
  7. Comfort Amos – 10
  8. Glory Mainta – 22
  9. Saratu Emmanuel – 76
  10. Deborah Ja’afaru – 123
  11. Rahab Ibrahim – 96
  12. Helin Musa – 175
  13. Maryamu Lawan – 35
  14. Rebecca Ibrahim – 52
  15. Asabe Goni – 100
  16. Deborah Andrawus – 190
  17. Agnes Gapani – 191
  18. Saratu Markus – 164
  19. Glory Dama – 139
  20. Pindah Nuhu – 133
  21. Rebecca Mallum – 86

The group on a statement further explained;

  • Mary Daniel Bukar Usman, appears as Mary Daniel on our list, but Mary Usman on this list.
  • Lugwa Sanda on ours but as Luggwa on this list.
  • Maryama Bashir on this list is also called Mairama Bashir.
  • Saratu Mutah Emmanuel Saratu Emmanuel on this list.
  • Deborah Jafaru on ours, but as Deborah Ja’afaru on this list.
  • Helinna Musa on ours, but as Helin Musa on this list.
  • Rebecca Ibrahim appears twice on ours (52 and 188) they are namesakes. Rebecca Ibrahim Yakubu (52), Rebecca Ibrahim Pogu (188).
  • Mary Dama appears twice on ours (68 and 139) an error. One of them is Glory, not Mary. Glory Dama Aimu, her full name.
  • Pindar Nuhu on ours but as Pindah Nuhu on this list”.

Th group commended  President Muhammadu Buhari, for providing the leadership that led to the successful rescue and the resilience of the military  whose daily sacrifices provided the environment for this to succeed.

The group also called for immediate commencement of the program for the physical, mental, emotional and social recovery process of the rescued girls adding that it will support the Federal and Borno State Government in doing so.

Meanwhile, the #BBOG at the sit-out remembered one of their members, Elvis Iyorngurum; a passionate advocate of the #Chibok girls who die  on 14th October 2015.

“One year on, his resilient and unwavering call for the rescue of our girls continues to inspire. We pray he continues to rest in perfect peace,” the group’s statement said.



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