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The Sheer Tragedy Of President Donald.J. Trump

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It is quite unfortunate that “Donald Duck” emerged as the President of the United States. For a country that prides itself as an archetypal nation and leader of the “free world”, his emergence portends disaster that is to come for the US and the world at large. Already, his administration is proving to be calamitous. Since his inauguration, there have been various protest marches against him both within the US and around the world

Up to two million people worldwide, mostly women, staged protests against Trump, proclaiming the birth of a new political movement. A quarter of a million people gathered in Chicago, hundreds of thousands more took to the streets in Boston, Los Angeles, Denver, Madison, Wisconsin, and other cities. The US-nationwide demonstration was the largest anti-inauguration protest in US history and ranks among the biggest mobilizations ever in America.

Massive crowds gathered in major international cities, including London, Prague, Rome, Berlin, Paris, New Delhi, Sydney, Mexico City and Buenos Aires – vastly different worlds united under one message. The demonstrations were also one of the largest coordinated global days of action in world history, with protests spanning every continent on Earth, including Antarctica. These international turnouts is a reflection of how important the post of the US President is, and just how much some people around the world disagree with the tone Donald Duck has already set.

Just days after Obama handed power over to Trump, he stated that he supports mass protests against the “extreme vetting” orders of his successor. In US politics, it is rare for former presidents to criticize their successors – and certainly not just a week and a half after they are sworn in. Unsurprisingly, since assuming the Oval Office, Donald Duck has smashed the record with the fastest majority disapproval rating ever for a sitting US President.

Forebodingly, as he approached the podium to give his speech during his inauguration, the heavens shed tears as the world was thrown in a melancholic state as it began to rain. In our clime, we would refer to it as showers of blessings. However over there, it portends gloom or doom. The way Donald Duck’s presidency is beginning it is safe to say it will end in calamity. It is almost a certainty. That is if he even gets to serve his full four year term. I highly doubt that Mr Trump will finish as the US President for a full term. He is too much of a loose cannon. He is likely to be impeached or otherwise. History will also remember his presidency as a tyrannical one.

His character says it all. Even with his non-political views, this is a man who defies medical experts and declares that vaccinations cause autism. He maintains that global warming is a figment of our imagination. He is a man that relishes in making malevolent, bigoted, racist, chauvinistic statements about women and minorities. He’s absolutely sure, for example, that all Mexicans crossing the American borders are drug dealers and rapists. He uses his Scottish golf course to threaten the UK because members of the British Parliament dared to foster debate about him. This is not a rational man in any sense of the word.

Being the leader of the ‘so called’ free world takes a personality that is more than a wealthy real estate mogul, a reality show star and an internet troll. This essentially, is what Donald Trump is. A bully that is as undiplomatic, uncouth and vile as one can get. It’s hard not to conclude that this mentally imbalanced, monumentally nasty man is the leader of the most powerful nation on earth. From his dreadful comb-over, to his orange face, to his extravagant pomposity, down to his narrative of discrimination and alienation, one cannot imagine that the world would be a more peaceful place with Trump as President.

In making statements, Donald Duck is mostly rude and pointless. Anyone who doesn’t agree with him, he labels a ‘jerk,’ a ‘wierdo,’ as ‘dumb’ and as a ‘loser.’ He responds to criticism as if he is in a market or bar brawl or a primary schoolyard. Arguably, the numerous wars and most of the extremist uprising that we see in the world today stemmed from some of the controversial decisions that were made by a mistake of the American electorate when they voted a clueless President Bush into office. The world would be most certainly thrust into a similar or worse gauntlet under the Trump us-president-donald-trumppresidency.

In last year’s election cycle, Trump was undoubtedly the most riveting figure. He initially focused his attention on immigration reform, calling for a wall to be built between Mexico and the US, and the Mexican was going to pay for it. He also demanded the deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants. He has since wavered on that last point, now promising to initially focus on criminal undocumented immigrants. Concerning the wall, it is still not clear who is going to pay for it as the Mexican government has remained adamant that it is not going to pay for building of the wall.

While Donald Duck has some divisive ideas and equally lofty rhetoric to accompany them, deciphering the exact nature of his economic policies is a complex task. Not to mention he won’t have a free pass from Congress, even though it remains under Republican control. During electioneering, Trump’s immigration plans cost him a handful of business deals. But as President, it will cost the US much more. Immediately and fully enforcing current immigration law, as Trump has suggested, would cost the federal government from $400 billion to $600 billion. It would also shrink the labor force by 11 million workers, reduce the real GDP by $1.6 trillion and take 20 years to complete (Trump has said he will do it in 18 months).

Donald Duck won the US Presidency despite a well-documented penchant for the vulgar belittlement of women, and with the help of a fan base energized by chants of “Lock Her Up” (referring to Hilary Clinton). For this to happen in a country that prides itself as a defender of human rights, bewilders me. “Fat, Pig, Dog, Slob, Disgusting animal” are just some of the names that the US president has called women over the years. He has been widely called out for his objectification of women – he has a tendency to criticize them for their looks – and make obscene sexist remarks.

While I am no prophetess, Michel de Notredame (Nostradamus) or a seer, it is not too difficult to predict a gloomy world during Trump’s tenure. Perhaps, Trumps ascension marks the beginning of the end of the US as a super power, only time shall tell. However already, American democracy is changing. In the weeks after Trump won a majority of the Electoral College despite losing the popular vote by 3-million, the US culture of informed, participatory, representative democracy has taken one hit after another. Sino-US relations have become tense and War with US under Trump is fast becoming a practical reality.

Islamic/Muslim countries relations are also becoming tense with prejudicial Muslim immigration policies as well as moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization could be triggers for an Islamic uprising under Trump presidency. The EU is also wary of the US under Trump and has classified the US under Trump as among its external threats. Whether it’s tweeting about his enemies, or using his children as advisers, Donald the Duck is certainly not a conventional president. With the way he has begun, I foresee a situation whereby he would be impeached.

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