I Want To Be A Good Role Model For Upcomers In The Movie Industry – Hanan

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For a young lady of 20 who started her journey into the world of acting just four years ago, Hanatu Bashir, popularly known as Hanan has indeed accomplished greatly in the industry, with over fifty films in her kitty. She revealed in this interview that she is in the industry to change society for the better.

May we meet you please?

I am Hanatu Bashir, a.k.aHanan. I hail from Sumaila Local Government Area of Kano state. I was born in 1995 and I attended New Dream Academy at Badawa area of the state from where I proceeded to Government Girls College, Gezawa, also in Kano. Currently, I am studying at the Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education reading English/Mathematics.

How do you combine studies with acting?

It has not been easy actually, but I am coping well all the same. There are times, both studies and location clash and on such occasions, it is either I seek the understanding of the director to reschedule my call-times to enable me attend classes and then dash back to catch them up at such locations or sometimes when it is difficult to achieve, I have to skip the class.

When did you happen into the make-believe world?

I began acting in December, 2011. Since when I was young I had always wanted to act. This is because I saw it as a medium to pass vital messages which are useful for personal and societal growth. I saw it as a way to mould the young and impressionable ones especially to tow the right path. Even at the time, as a teenager, I had began to see movies as a vital weapon for change.


Which is your first movie?

My first movie was Makahon Tunani with a cast comprising Sadiq Sani Sadiq and Rahama Hassan among others. I had a fulfilling time on that set acting alongside these great acts. I played the role of a younger sister of the lead actress, Rahama Hassan in the movie and you know what that means.

Since then, how many films have you acted?

I acted about fifty movies. It can even be more because I’ve lost count. I have a very busy and tedious schedule especially if you consider the fact that I did not include those yet to be released into the market.

Can you list some of those in the market which you consider as worthy?

These would definitely be Gaskiya Tafi Kwabo, Wanne Mutum, Rai Dangoro, Bakin Kishi, Auren Bashi, Mai Bleaching, Idan Haka ne, Ibro Likita Ebola, Alan Taand Wani Hanen Ga Allah. There are many others too numerous to mention; with some more yet to be released like I’ve said before. I will just say Allah has been merciful because if you consider the time I veered into the industry and now which is a space of just four years, I have achieved so much more than expected, and more than some colleagues who have spent over ten years in the industry.

Who are the stars you have enjoyed working with on set, especially those who have encouraged you?

Honestly, this is a question too difficult for me to answer for obvious reasons. This is because I am happy doing what I am doing with those I meet on location. I have enjoyed working with all of them, but since you insist, I will say Adam A. Zango, Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Sani Sadiq as well as Hajara Usman who I see like a mother figure in the trade.

What are the obstacles you have experienced since veering into the profession?

I will say like every other profession, there must be obstacles one has to surmount, but for me, I believe I never faced any one that was insurmountable to me considering what others went through. This is because of the reception I got when I came in. I was very lucky to be embraced by the older ones who showed me ways around it.

The industry has been experiencing some changes lately. Would you say it is for good or bad?

I will describe the changes in the industry as good development that is bound to improve it. For instance, the Federal Government’s projectnollywoodact has benefited Kannywood too. But like Oliver Twist, we can only but ask for more of it. There is no doubt that the N3 billion intervention fund has assisted in improving the technical area of the industry as well as marketing aspect.

Have you featured in any Nollywood movie?

No, I haven’t yet. But I am looking forward to hitting my first Nollywood location soon. The National Vice President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Salihu Othman Isah has given me a role in his next flick coming up soon. I am really looking forward to that experience and I think it will be great.

Who are your role models in entertainment, both globally and locally?

Well, for my role models, I will settle for Mercy Johnson, Ngozi Ezeonu and Van Vicker and in Kannywood I think I look up to several of them as well.

If you have the opportunity to make changes in the entertainment sector, what would that be?

The industry really desires a revolution that will galvanize it to greater heights. I want the leadership in the industry to protect the interest of the practitioners.

What is it that you dislike in the industry?

While on locations, there are certain pranks they play that pisses me off sometimes, especially when you are not in the mood. There are those that understand with you while some, have non-challant attitude to your mood not minding whether good or bad.

What does the future portend for you in the make-believe business?

My future plans are to ensure I hit global attention and be marketable such that I would be considered for product endorsements and heralded on red carpets, just like my big brothers and sisters before me. Besides, I want to be that one person in the entertainment genre who the up and coming artistes want to emulate as a deserving role model. I want them to see me as that someone who has interest in the business.


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