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The creative and motion picture industry in the North has clinched yet another success with Hajiya Halima, who is also known as the ‘Queen of creativity’ hit a home run with her excellent performance in the new play!

She is the President of the Arewa Creative Industry, a nucleus that serves as a hub for resourceful and artistic exhibition. The industry gets a formal debut during the Eid-el-Fitr (Sallah) celebrations, last June in capital city of Kaduna State. The success of the event put her shoulder to the wheel by the hardwork recorded. Hajiya Halima Idris is now the Special Adviser to the Executive Governor of Kaduna State on Creative Art Development.

Originally, the Queen of Creativity has a passion in the creative industry as one of its biggest fans; she vouch to make difference with the most difficult segment in the society –  the youth! She has been identified as an icon who feels there’s more to the youthful imbalance in the society. For Halima, the youth restiveness we are witnessing today is dangerously accelerating, while moral and other means of curbing it are, if not stagnant, moving slowly. She once put it that drug abuse among youths has become the order of the day. “Our kids and wards are engage in different aspect of hooliganism, which unleash irreparable material loss, anguish, hatred, revenge, pain and moral degradation on youth, families and society at large. Therefore, I am of the opinion that we all come together and draw lasting solutions to the menace. As against this background, the Arewa Creative Industry came on board, to assemble quite a number of youths, to support them in their various skills in order to make them relevant to the society.”

The Queen of crectivity always observe that youth edginess that breeds ferocity, were initially a tertiary institution affair, but then crept into all the nooks and crannies of society, especially amidst teenagers in neighbourhoods and in secondary schools. In the past three years, according to her, our communities witness a lot of hazards due to the unscrupulous behaviours in the society.

“That is the main reason why I always sit with them, understand them and decided to get them a solution, which is to create a platform to promote them both nationally and internationally. As well teach them how to upgrade their goods and services for exportation,” she said.

A number of studies according to her have identified factors responsible for such menace, which include the peer motivated excitement of the youths through societal influence, the hostile pursuit of patriotic ideas, and perceived victimization arising from economic exploitation among others.

“My mind keeps reflecting on so many issues concerning the youthful unrest in our society today. It is very painful to note that lack of benevolence and social welfare, motivation from leaders and government officials all fuel the peril. Therefore, this venture we are into will no doubt look at such issues critically and make a workable plan on how to address them.

“And I will seize this opportunity to call on the youth and all our target audience to see this as an effort to liberate them, for the betterment of the society,” she prayed.

She added that youths are bedrock of the society and future leaders, therefore their dynamisms, invention, character and orientation define the pace of development and security of a nation. “I can tell you that the popular adage in Hausa language that says ‘Youths are tomorrow’s leaders’ is factual. We can view it from this angle that a society can reap from their giant strides in economic development and socio-political attainments, so I want to assure all youths in Kaduna State and the north as a whole that this support by Governor el-Rufai shall never be in vain.”

Before picking up the current appointment, her industry stood in to act very well in bringing down the restiveness to its barest minimum in the North. Her team noticed that there has been an increase in the occurrence of acts of violence and lawlessness, including things like hostage-taking of prominent citizens. And yet some group well-meaning youths are into artistic foray, therefore she deemed it fit that she can use her medium and hunt for such natural talents and make them good ambassadors of cubing the atrocities in the society.

“My target in this drive will be teenagers, those in secondary schools and their mates at home, including the emerging talents in Hausa motion picture industry, among others, and all those who don’t have access to secondary education, due to poor financial backgrounds or other factors. Since they are still young, they can easily imbibe good moral and ethical tenets, which will guide them through entertainment.” She said.

As a Special Adviser to the governor on creative arts, her office is going to be vast because it involves anybody that uses his brain to create something through entertainment and all works of life. “My office is going to be open to the teeming youths in the society with talents. My primary assignment here is to make Kaduna State one of the hub cities in Nigeria that attract the world through tourism and investments. The governor has interest in making his state great again, as it was during the time of our past leaders. Therefore, creativity is giving the highest priority for the youths in the society,” she pointed out.

Her initiative aims at curbing the menace of gangsters, cultism, drug abuse through ethical reorientation and values reorientation of youths, especially teenagers as they are most vulnerable group. It is also hoped that her office will carry out the project successfully.

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