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…As DKD, Chelsea Eze, Okey Uzoeshi Star In The Movie

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It was a night that witnessed some of the top notch and A-listers at Wuse 2, Abuja at the privately screened movie “Scorned”, a story of a rape victim who embarks on a revenge mission against a rapist.

Produced by Christiana Martin and Tokunbo Ahmed, the movie is written by Obi Martins, and directed by Tokunbo Ahmed and Oluseyi Asurf.

“Scorned” stars 2016 AMVCA best actor winner Daniel K Daniel, Christiana Martin, Chelsea Eze, Okey Uzoeshi, Chugul, Funnybone, among others.

“Scorned” is story of a rape victim who took her time to plan her revenge against a rapist who completely forgot about the damage he had done to an innocent young girl. It showcases the psychological damage she went through and the effects the rape had on her even as an adult.

Speaking to some of the producers and directors at the screening, they expressed delight in being part of the project while also explaining how challenging it was getting funds for their first film.

Christiana Martin who is a co-producer of the movie and also star in the film said it is not the usual typical rape story in movies, which was why they sat down to come up with something exquisite as Scorned. “The movie is more of a word ‘If.’ If people take the law into their hands what would happen? This is my first feature film …the first movie I have ever produced, but it won’t be my last.  I have to say producing is not as difficult as directing…I don’t think I can direct because it is very hectic. But producing for me was easy as I had lots of lovely people. I have learnt a lot from the movie and that is why we are doing a private screening to hear criticism to strengthen us in the future.” She explained.

On her part , the producer and director of the movie, Scorned, Tokunbo Ahmed explained that the success of her first movie would make her future films better and bigger even being screened at international film festivals, mentioning that the inspiration behind the movie was born out of the lack of indebt focus on the causes of rape in the society.

” This is our very first production which I’m the director and producer. Directing in movies is nothing compare to directing in film school because the film you are directing is real life while in film school, it is just theory. Like on the first day of production, I was all over the place, confused…I think I even cried because of the rigors it entails. I was directing and same time producing –I had to take care of the entire production. It was a crazy experience but I had so much help from the cast and crew they were so helpful. They were so passionate about what they were doing. They made the movie a success. Financing this movie was an issue because when we started this movie we went above our budget. We budgeted about N6Million and it rose to about N10 million. And we are still spending movie till date. Son you can see that it wasn’t really easy. But we believe that the success of the movie and our subsequent movies would bring us joy and fulfilment” she said.

The screening which was done privately was to enable friends, family, pundits and other movie lovers to scrutinize and give opinion to better enhance a perfect job.

Oma Ayara, a Nollywood actress and associate producer of the movie Scorned, said though she was supposed to be onset but due to some circumstances beyond her, she couldn’t. “I came on board with the production team as an associate producer. On the rating, I would rate it high because this is our first job. We are a group of friends who came together to do this. We have passion for movie directing, producing, telling stories …it is something we have passion for. Tokunbo and Christiana went to New York film academy while I attend royal film academy. After our period there, we all came together; we wanted to do something great. The movie is trying to tell us that rape is not a good thing but then, vengeance is for the lord. If as a human being you are thinking of revenge, make sure you are digging two graves because you don’t know the consequences of what you are doing.” She explained.

The movie which also focuses on how silence out of fear or shame can sometimes make or break an individual. All the actors were on hand at the screening given it the needed face and eloquence it deserved.


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