How It Went Down At Obi Nwaegbe Art Exhibition

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It was a beautiful sight at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja where  Obi Nwaegbe who studied Art at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN ) held an exhibition titled “Altogether” the totality of all his selected  works.

Nwaegbe who has been an artist since 2006, displayed 52  of his works which are his first major as an artist and it witnessed people who came in their numbers to see the beautiful arts while some also decides to purchase the ones that tickle their fancies.

In an interview with the talented artist, he explained to e-Rendezvous that his decision to showcase his exhibition at the Hilton was to have a broader audience and also to prepare himself for other upcoming exhibitions.

“The significant message I’m trying to pass across here is  to emphasise on the importance of announcing our talent. For some of us, I in particular,  I have actually insisted that we can make a living and develop our economy and culture with what we have and not depend on natural resources. My focus is to try and enlighten and motivate the people of my generation and beyond.

Though he believes things are not the way he planned, but he’s hopeful that the future is bright. ‘The reactions are in two ways encouraging and discouraging at the same time. There are those who have been dedicated and helping out, on the other hand are those who are sceptical, they feel you should try and do something else. But these things are stressful. I have support from one side and scepticism from the other. It hasn’t been so lucrative economically. I have been practicing professionally for about 10 years now and this is the time I need to make returns for what I have been doing.  So that’s why I have started seeking for a wider audience rather than the normal gallery with limited audience.

‘I’m looking out for more avenues to extend my outreach. I have been doing that online and getting a lot of awareness, now I also want to reach out physically.” He explained.

In addition he appealed to private individuals and government to support artist in Nigeria so that their efforts would not be in vein.

“In terms of government, they should focus a lot on creativity. I think the project for creative art is very poor that’s why we don’t have better galleries running. Sometimes it may be that the government policies are not considering that this sector cannot generate lots of money; they should try and fix museums. Let artist have something to look up to. Private individuals who have the capacity to purchase art should in case of the future.  The visual arts need lots of money.” He concluded.

Obi Nwaegbe also revealed that he hope to be able to get financial gain at the end of his exhibition so that he could recoup what he has spent trying to get the venue.  The exhibition which started on Monday through ending on Friday.


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