Growing Your Hair (and beard) Long..

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Most of us would love to have longer, thicker, healthier and lusher hair that grows out of our scalp. Hair grows an average of half an inch a month. So in a year you could get an extra six (6) + inches of new growth.

So why then does it seem your hair is getting shorter even with no trims? Probably means you have problems with retaining that growth (retention).

The most common reason for not retaining your growth are:

-Chemical damage from relaxers, texlaxers, colour or other chemical process.
-Excessive use of heat styling tools (heat damage)
-Traction alopaecia, when your weaving, braids etc are done too tight and so pull out your hair from the roots
-Dry hair not keeping your hair moisturised makes it brittle and even easier to break off losing you length.
-Excessive shampooing with SLS products which strips your hair and scalp of natural sebum.

Other things that may slow hair down:
-Bad diet
-little to no hair care knowledge

So what can you do? Very easily, incorporate a simple hair regimen into your beauty routine and put your hair in protective styles to maximise retention.

So now unto Protective styles. What are they you ask? Hair styles you put your hair in to minimise or prevent breakage allowing you to retain all of your hair growth.

Buns & Updos:


Weave-on extensions:

Kitso/weaving/flat twists:

Roller sets- yes like your mama used to the 2015 version

Even with your hair in these styles you need to follow a basic hair regimen and keep your hair moisturised. Here is a simple one that would work for most hair conditions:

1.Deep condition your dry hair by applying a good conditioner (Growth Miracle Hair Masque) to dry hair much as you would a relaxer,apply a shower/steam cap and leave on for at least 30-60 mins, rinse thoroughly.

2.Use a light conditioner (Growth Miracle PooCondish)to wash your hair concentrating on your scalp and hair ends (much as you would a shampoo) rinse out thoroughly.

3.Apply a liquid leave in to your hair (Growth Miracle Leave in) and then seal very lightly with an oil or butter (Growth Miracle Serum/Scalp balm or any Head2Toe Body Butter)

4. Style your hair minimising the use of direct heat (blow dryers, flat irons etc)

Try and do steps (1) and (2) at least every two weeks preferably weekly. Step (3) you should do daily or every other day. Take a picture when you start and another in a month to gauge your hair’s progress. #HAPPYDEVAS on any social media to show your progress.

BEARD TIP: Apply a little coconut oil to your beard for shine. Using a balm or butter will help to define your beard, preventing the overly fuzzy look.

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