Professor Johnbull Enlightens On Environmental Sanitation ‘Mobile Dustbin’

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Indiscriminate dumping of refuse from moving vehicles, restaurants and residential buildings by pedestrians who drop dirt on the go whilst snacking, is the focus of Episode 9 of Professor Johnbull,  the didactic TV satire powered by Globacom. It was broadcast last Tuesday evening at 8.30pm on NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV Chanel 251 and StarTimes. The same episode will be repeated on the same NTA stations on Friday at 8.30pm.

The episode titled ‘Mobile Dustbin’ scoffed at this social malaise with guest artiste, OC Ukeje, a Glo ambassador, who acted the role of Efosa announcing, ”Dem don carry Churchill” to tear the peace of Professor Johnbull’s home apart as he (Prof) left his house in his pyjamas to secure the release of his son. Churchill was arrested by the environmental task force for littering the streets with okpa leaves.

In another scene, the task force sealed off Olaniyi’s joint for lack of toilet facility, Etuk’s hotel due to Samson’s unhygienic management and Mai Doya’s shop for improper disposal of waste products to earn a well-deserved condemnation from Professor Johnbull who roundly chided all the defaulters.

Holding court with the “proximate people” in his abode, Professor Johnbull gave a dissertation on waste disposal, submitting that   “throwing dirt everywhere and littering our cities with groundnut shells, banana leaves, moin-moin leaves … we should form a habit not to litter…”  He opined that his son Churchill should have been locked up for a week while describing others as “a sad commentary on the society.”

Professor Johnbull described the arrest of Olaniyi by the task force as in order as “Olaniyi did not learn from his first experience”. He added that Nigerians should endeavour to make the environment visitor-friendly and dirt free.


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