Why I Opened New Twitter Account – Nafisa Abdullahi

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Kannywood awards winning actress, Nafisa Abdullahi, has expressed her reason behind recent closure of her twitter account and why she opened new one.

According to her, the account she manages by herself suffers so many attacks by hackers, and she could not exactly remember what happened, whether the account was hacked or she forgot her password; this resulted her to dismissed it and start using fresh account.

Over the past few month, the Twitter accounts of some prominent personalities; from Mark Zuckerberg to Drake to deceased Beatle George Harrison have been hacked.

On her part, Nafisa said she felt seriously bad about the situation, because she had thousand followers that she interact with, but now it is just like they are gone and to retrieve all of them may be difficult.

“Yes, I don’t know what exactly happen to my account, it is not opening, maybe I forgot the password or it is hacked. That’s why I open new one to let my fans know that I’m no longer using the one they know.

She said despite losing followers, she is optimistic that people will rejoin her fandom.

“Of course, I will lost my followers, but that does not mean I will stop interacting with my fans. As a celebrity, you must have a means of talking to people who love you, with twitter or not. But development of technology in our world now makes it simple for people to reach and talk to their idols.

Nafisa who is MTN ambassador said, the use of Twitter and many other social networking sites by celebrities has become an important factor, posting of pictures and inspirational quotes by celebrity users attracts people to the site, which increases opportunity for stardom.

“My handle @nasifatofficial will be engaged, giving my fans the opportunity to interact with me.” She said.

Nafisa started acting in early 2009, and she became a household name in Northern Nigeria, she won the Best Actress in 2013 City People Entertainment Awards, likewise MTN Nigeria Best Kannywood Actress, 2014, 2016 and Popular Choice in 2015.

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