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Meet Jessica Kuraun: The Brain Behind Africa’s First Dating Site

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Mrs Jessica T. Kuraun is an actress and founder, Africa’s Pioneer Dating Website. In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM ,the hardworking damsel speaks on the business of match making, the impact of the social media and her source of inspiration for coming up with Africa’s first dating site.

What inspired your starting up a dating website in Nigeria, instead of a blog like most others?

I give God the glory for the idea. The idea just came to me that there was a vacuum that needed to be filled in Africa’s cyberspace. I noticed that a majority of us depended too much on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Badoo and other social media to communicate our feelings, and all these media though are no doubt excellent, a medium for meeting genuine and unpretentious friends and potential spouses was still lacking in Nigeria and the entire world, so I came up with this dating site for genuine and sincere people who are not just up there for fun, but are interested in meeting great people who are prepared to settle down or long-term relationships. I also think that besides other things, I have had a lifetime interest in matchmaking. I have encouraged very great people to get married and all these marriages I helped in consummating have been extremely successful. So I thought I should take it to a whole new level and expand the mission to the rest of the world. The greatest soul winning in Christianity is marriage. God respects marriage, love and healthy relationships more than any other thing. Also, as a woman who is successfully married, I am an example to others who may be struggling out there to have successful relationships. So the dating website I have come up with is a place to be for Nigerians and other citizens of the world who are struggling with having genuine relationships.


As a graduate of Theatre Arts, why didn’t you go into acting or anything related to your training?

I am an award-winning dancer and I have been successful in choreography, but i am basically an artiste or even an artist and matchmaking is a great art. To match-make, you have to appeal to people’s sense of beauty and form, before they can even achieve that harmony that results to marriage. I am also into farming, business and political activism, but my primary passion is matchmaking. It gives me great joy to make great marriages, because the success of any society depends primarily on successful marriages and good homes. The violence and social ills you see in Nigeria and across the world are as a result of failed homes and families. If you choose the wrong husband or wife, you will end up with a broken home and in extension a broken society or a broken world. More than half of the social disorders in Nigeria for example, can be traced to bad marriages. So the greatest art form is to make good people who believe in each other, to help give us the healthy society we need to make Nigeria and the world, a better place. So the business of matchmaking and healthy relationships is the most important thing in any society. You can’t get resourceful and productive people to drive your economy when half of your population is a product of broken homes or relationships. Corruption which is a major reason why Nigeria is backward is also as a result of bad homes.


So how do you combine blogging and matchmaking, with your other businesses?

It is a big challenge, but I have reached a stage where some of my commitments are on autopilot, so I just enlist assistance from a couple of staff to help with some areas. I also have a very supportive husband, so it helps a lot in dealing with some of these commitments. is a site to visit.


But considering that many Nigerians are already used to  other dating sites, how would you get the desired traffic to your site, to really make a mark?

Our strategy is to attract many people who are tired of fake people on the other dating sites. It is not every subscriber that is looking for sex or flings. So many people out there, young and old, just want decent and sincere hook ups, and those are the people we are interested in. So our strength is that we are different from others. What you can’t find on other sites, you can find on our dating website. So this is a revolution I have started and I am extremely proud of. It’s also Africa’s alternative to western-style websites. Our aim is create a consciousness of African courtship system built on our values. So this is the dating website that Africa should subscribe to.


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