Suicide Becoming Disturbing Trend In Nigeria

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There has been an increase in cases of suicide by ladies who were jilted by their lovers. In this report, SAMUEL ABULUDE and HANNAH ONI looks at the disturbing trend.

Everyone wants to love and be loved in return. Every young woman dreams of building a healthy and loving relationship with her man and when their trust is betrayed, it unsettles the mind and causes a broken heart. This, if not managed can bring about dangerous reactions like the thought of committing suicide.

A young beautiful lady, Jessica Beer became a victim of love recently and took her precious life.  On September 14, Jessica, a student of Dyege Memorial College in Makurdi commited suicide after her boy friend impregnated another girl and subsequently dumped her. Her boyfriend had promised her heaven on earth but the hopes were dashed. Why did she consider suicide as the best option to get over her condition?

Also in July 2016, 19 years old Uche Obiora reportedly committed suicide in Igando area of Lagos. The incident was a result of a quarrel the teenager had with her lover, Ernest Ihaza. One account had it that a quarrel ensued between the pair over suspicions of infidelity. Uche Obiora committed suicide by drinking snipers, an insecticide.

In January this year, a young lady named Chiamaka commited suicide. She was said to have been impregnated and abandoned by her lover. Evelyn Mogekwu, a 26-year-old student of Delta State University, Abraka was reported to have committed the act after her fiancé abandoned her for another woman.

The cases of young ladies committing suicide has become  rampant. A young man, Prosper who was a 300-level student of the Anambra State University was seen after committing suicide. The institution’s news portal, disclosed that the student committed suicide by drinking a poisonous substance, following discovery that his girlfriend had been cheating on him.

The moral decadence in the society has taken a toll on the youth and young ladies are bearing the brunt.

Mrs Roseline, expressing her mind on the dangerous trend, said she was a victim of this love-gone-sour incident and she almost attempted suicide when she was jilted by her lover. “I was really down and couldn’t bear what Ade did to me. He promised to marry me but suddenly became cold to me after dating for five years. The shame of me being dumped was unbearable.

“I was living with him believing it will result into marriage. Later I summoned courage and packed all my things and left the guy. I found out that he was dating another lady, and also he brings the girl into the house we rented together and when I caught him, rather than killing myself because of what he did, I felt the better action is to pack my things and let him be,” Roseline narrated.

On a World Health Ranking survey which shows each country’s suicide death rate per 100,000, Nigeria is 106 on the table with 6.11 points. Guyana tops the ranking with 43.22 and Mozambique tops African countries with 25.85 points. Sierra Leone and Cote D’ lvoire are 98th and 99th respectively with 7.31 and 7.10 points.  This shows the rate of suicide in Nigeria is still low compared to other nations.

Dr Mina Ogbanga, Development Practitioner and Academician from University of Port Harcourt, said that a lot of factors cause a person to commit suicide. She said, “Suicide is due to many reasons while it still remains to me a most unrealistic route. Young girls should tread with caution and share their problems with a trusted friend and family members. Situations affect people in different ways.

“Primarily, ones inability to meet certain obligations is a key reason for suicide. The current economic situation can be one such scenarios. Where people can barely eat, pay fees, meet basic needs etc. it is an issue and not everyone can bare to be so battered. A key way out is continued engagement.

“The hands should be busy. Let us be innovative, think outside the box, get skills Skills pay these days. Start up funding opportunities though minimal are available. Grace sees us through all and with a combination of all these, women should be better off.just one idea”.


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