We’ll Permanently Crush Boko Haram In Nigeria – Jonathan


President Goodluck vowed yesterday that security forces in the country would adopt whatever means to totally end the sourge of terrorism and other gory activities of the Boko Haram sect.

The president, LEADERSHIP gathered, had on Tuesday morning shed tears when he got the news of the gruesome killings of about 43 students in Yobe State before issuing a statement in which he opened verbal fire on the insurgents.

He spoke in a live broadcast last night on national television and radio to mark the nation’s centenary celebrations, which kick off today at the International Conference Centre by 9am.

LEADERSHIP also learnt that some of the 28 heads of state and governments billed to attend the event arrived yesterday, amidst tight security in the Federal Capital Territory.

Jonathan said during the live broadcast that the centenary celebration is the best thing to happen to the country at this critical period in the history of the country.

Assuring that Boko Haram and their gory activities would be wiped out permanently, he said: “We will continue to do everything possible to permanently eradicate the scourge of terrorism and insurgency from our country.  We recognise that the root cause of militancy, terrorism and insurgency is not the strength of extremist ideas but corrupted values and ignorance.

“My dear compatriots, as we celebrate our centenary, the security situation in some of our north-eastern states sadly remains a major concern for us. Just yesterday, young students, full of hopes and dreams for a great future, were callously murdered as they slept in their college dormitories in Yobe State. I am deeply saddened by their deaths and that of other Nigerians at the hands of terrorists. Our hearts go out to their parents and relatives, colleagues and school authorities.

“That is why our counter-terrorism strategy is not just about enforcing law and order, as we have equipped our security forces to do. It also involves expanding economic opportunities, social inclusion, education and other measures that will help restore normalcy not just in the short term but permanently.

“I want to reassure Nigerians that terrorism, strife and insecurity in any part of Nigeria are abhorrent and unacceptable to us. I urge leaders throughout Nigeria to ensure that ethnicity and religion are not allowed to become political issues.”

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