We’ll Permanently Crush Boko Haram In Nigeria – Jonathan


President Goodluck vowed yesterday that security forces in the country would adopt whatever means to totally end the sourge of terrorism and other gory activities of the Boko Haram sect.

The president, LEADERSHIP gathered, had on Tuesday morning shed tears when he got the news of the gruesome killings of about 43 students in Yobe State before issuing a statement in which he opened verbal fire on the insurgents.

He spoke in a live broadcast last night on national television and radio to mark the nation’s centenary celebrations, which kick off today at the International Conference Centre by 9am.

LEADERSHIP also learnt that some of the 28 heads of state and governments billed to attend the event arrived yesterday, amidst tight security in the Federal Capital Territory.

Jonathan said during the live broadcast that the centenary celebration is the best thing to happen to the country at this critical period in the history of the country.

Assuring that Boko Haram and their gory activities would be wiped out permanently, he said: “We will continue to do everything possible to permanently eradicate the scourge of terrorism and insurgency from our country.  We recognise that the root cause of militancy, terrorism and insurgency is not the strength of extremist ideas but corrupted values and ignorance.

“My dear compatriots, as we celebrate our centenary, the security situation in some of our north-eastern states sadly remains a major concern for us. Just yesterday, young students, full of hopes and dreams for a great future, were callously murdered as they slept in their college dormitories in Yobe State. I am deeply saddened by their deaths and that of other Nigerians at the hands of terrorists. Our hearts go out to their parents and relatives, colleagues and school authorities.

“That is why our counter-terrorism strategy is not just about enforcing law and order, as we have equipped our security forces to do. It also involves expanding economic opportunities, social inclusion, education and other measures that will help restore normalcy not just in the short term but permanently.

“I want to reassure Nigerians that terrorism, strife and insecurity in any part of Nigeria are abhorrent and unacceptable to us. I urge leaders throughout Nigeria to ensure that ethnicity and religion are not allowed to become political issues.”

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    Good speech Mr president..we shld see d end of terrorism in our great land of NIGERIA INSHA ALLAH

  • xray2013

    Talk talk.. we want action

  • Adebola Aremu

    am deeply sorry to say this but President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan he is a useless president, a lion without teeth or claws even when it roars its absolutely useless. this sect keep killing and bombing in open eyes still he has done absolutely nothing as far as most Nigerians are concerned to curb their actions yet he is still on his empty promises. I believe him to be the most useless president Nigeria ever had

    • ColNwako

      @ Aremu. You are empowered by the constitution to air your views but not authorized to denigrate or insult the office of and the person of Mr President. As a Nigerian, what is your contribution to the safety of Nigerians. Some of you are yahoo yahoo people that have tainted the image of Nigeria. You don’t even understand what you are saying. You have not come across any security report concerning these operations. Have you come across any document showing requests from the Military concerning Boko haram which the President failed to approve. Perhaps you expect the Presido to hop into one of the operational vehicles with an m16 rifle or Ak 47 to go after the terrorists. You are indirectly indicting the entire Armed Forces, The Police, SSS, who have sacrificed a lot towards protecting our citizens. I don’t blame the President when he threatened to withdraw troops if the Gov felt they were not doing enough. The President, in his wisdom and magnanimity did not approve the removal of elected governor when a state of emergency is declared which Gen Obasanjo did in Plateau State. Many of you don’t understand what is involved in jungle warfare. Ask USA what happened in Vietnam and Afghanistan . Even if APC takes over, will they not still use the same Military men. What weapon will they buy that this govt has not bought. If APC stops Boko haram easily, then, they are the sponsors. They will not do it because of superior tactics .

    • Tasiu_Musa_Abubakar

      Aremu, it’s unfair to cause or abuse our leaders. Instead we should pray for them to see light and lead us well.

    • Adebola Aremu

      I agree whatt I said is wrong. am not even supposed to say anything about the leaders according to my beliefs. But I must confess my previous comments was written out of sympathy and I was in pains and crying when I heard the news. Such actions were taken on those innocent girls without committing a single crime just for them to school is why they were killed. Every time I remember it I cry even right now am weeping on behalf of them. Every one please accept my apologies

  • sad


  • Aminu Baba

    If the president is serious with his positive speeches againts the evil sect, if the governors of the three states, nay the entire north (ala’ NGF), are serious with their tears of empathy for the innocent souls being mercilessly souls massacred, if the community leaders of the three states are now concerned enough with failure of the noble religious morals of their fellow citizens, then I suggest the following:

    Let us begin by conducting a detailed census of all the members of this sect so that their identities shall be revealed to the entire nation. Then enact a law that shall comprehensively deal with each one of them caught alive. This is because the members of this evil sect are not spirits, they come from households in Nigerian towns and villages and every household that has a member of the sect within it is expected as a matter of urgent national duty to come forward with his details. To efectively carry out this enumeration of course, the society at large must be assured, through demonstrable action of course, of protection against the repercussions that could follow their disclosure so as not to fall into similar fate that befell the CBN governor. The government needs to win back the confidence of the people which it lost through soldiers brutality in the crisis area and at check points elsewhere

    It is when we do have a comprehensive data base of the members ( we could seek a bi-lateral co-operation with our neighbour to conduct a parrallel exercise in their domains as well)

    and a comprehensive law to deal with such cases, then the president’s talk of wiping out the evil sect could be put to walk

  • Hammed Ademola

    What president jonathan know is to embessle the money from the NNPC $20,billions us dollars where is our money ole you are the cause of bokoharam

    • country fada

      You speak like a fool. Na d one wey jonathan do una de c. Is ur govenor not a thief. Are all past heads of state not thieves. You ur self are u not stealing?

  • Bege Halidu

    AMINU BABA, ur comment is that of a person that has passion for our country and it citizens. Thank u and God bless u. Amen.

  • Charles Ugwumba

    1918..Great Britain amalgamates Nigeria and divides it into three regions with 3 inequitable land areas and skewed populations with the north predominating. From then on the North used religion to seize political power at the center and for many years continued to pass economic legislation that continued to benefit only their own people. How else can the richest men in Nigeria not be from the oil producing area but rather from the patched North which produces little? This outcome benefited Britain because they could use predominantly northern legislators with minimal western education to dominate the economy of Nigeria. Then comes the civil war where a section of the East wanted to cast away the Northern political. yoke but were prevailed against by British support of Nigeria’s Northern muslim dominance. Britain’s diabolical designs on Nigeria were supported by America. Then in 1968 came the spring of Prague when Russia invaded Czechoslovakia and the attention of the world was turned away from the pogrom happening in Biafra with British and American arms. Nigeria’s Moslem controlled Federal army overran Biafra and carted away the spoils of war,, looted the economy and ushered in a spate of corruption only equaled in the world by what happens in Moslem countries especially Sunni controlled regimes like pre 911 Iraq. The rest of Nigeria saw the wholesale lack of accountability in government exhibited by Northern Hausa/Fulani military officers and joined in thereby creating the ignoble waste and corruption for which Nelson Mandela despised Nigeria before his death .This culture pervades Nigeria to this day and makes it tough for many Nigerians to fit into societies where honesty and accountability are staples.
    Boko Haram…. where will Boko Haram be without “karatun boko” which made it possible for them to use cell phones and Toyota trucks in their carnage? Muslim extremism preys on its own young. Muslim extremists have one purpose: to take your property or your life or both and should never be treated with kid gloves. The Nigeria Army should use Napalm bombs to incenerate any territory where they hide….the entire cameroun border. F&ck Boko Haram.

  • Tasiu_Musa_Abubakar

    Prayers needed Sir

  • Charles Ugwumba

    Lets replace common sense with prayers. Every Nigerian street has either a mosque or a church. Heck a former director of Nigeria’s custom services was a church elder. An Alhaji had occupied that position too. Religion or prayers which is nothing but wishes cannot trump law and good order.

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