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Boko Haram Has Army Informant – Soldier


A Nigerian soldier has said that he has witnessed several incidents that suggest that some Nigerian military commanders are working with the outlawed Boko Haram militant group blamed for thousands deaths since 2009.

In an exclusive interview with the Hausa service of the Voice of America (VOA), he described how his military unit based in the north-eastern Borno State was ambushed by Boko Haram fighters.

The military officer, who did not want to be identified, said the commander of a nearby military unit based in Bama town recently sought assistance from his unit in carrying out a raid.

He said when the two military units joined up, they were given different uniforms. The Bama unit commander gave his own troops green uniforms while his unit received tan “desert camouflage” uniforms.

When the troops reached the battle area, the commander of the better-equipped Bama unit suddenly withdrew his forces, leaving the remaining troops to fend for themselves against Boko Haram fighters.

Speaking in Hausa, he said, “We had only light arms and our men were being picked off one after the other.”

The officer also said he recognised some of the Boko Haram fighters as his former military trainers in Kontagora, Niger State.

“We realised that some of them were actually mercenaries from the Nigerian army… hired to fight us,” he said.

The officer and others have often accused the military commanders of diverting money that was supposed to be used to help equip units into their pockets.

Repeated attempts to get reaction from the Nigerian government on this allegation proved abortive.

In a January 2012 speech, President Goodluck Jonathan said Boko Haram members had infiltrated his government’s executive, legislative and judicial sectors as well as the police and armed forces.

  • wares

    There is more than 100%+ iota of truth in this revelation going by the spate of killings in spite of heavy presents of the Army, but thank God the FGN is winning the battle,for evil can never prevail over those innocent bloods shared

  • gomanuel

    Shameful. Shoot any soldier or commander doing these very bad and deathly things. Shows our army still has greedy, selfish and unpatriotic members in their ranks . There’s also a lack of coordination amongst the agencies of government in the fight against the book haram and other insurgencies across the country.

  • kazeem

    wow! Really shameful! It is obvious that the Nigerian Military lacks integrity and professionalism. This can also be traced to corruption. May God Almighty exposed them all! Amen!

  • Segun BABAYEMI

    There is no doubt about that as we have seen from a long time before now. They are in every strata of our national formation and it is God alone that can detached their parasitic wide-spread existence.

  • bashwaz

    This is an open secret in the streets of the North, the masses all believed the government is boko haram and all evidence point to that direction. if not, why is it that before any attack, the military checkpoints are all left empty? or why does it takes more than 24hrs before response by the military and the terrorist operate for so long without any military intervention? This is just a plot by Jonadaft PDP led govt to impoverish the north economically, politically, morally and psychologically. But no matter what they do, we would come out stronger than never. Jonadaft is a curse to this nation

    • DON


  • Emeka Egwu

    Leadership Newspaper will never stop being a junk.A smear campaign tool of its power-desperado owner Ndah-Isaiah Sam.Can this paper ever place Nigeria b4 a self-centred interest on one man whose avid hatred of the President has warped all his sense of patriotism that he wouldn’t mind putting the whole of Nigeria aflame if only. He could burn Jonathan in the fire!Am sorry for those who could be brainwashed by this power drunk.

    • Dauda Abubakar Garba

      Mr Emeka this is not leadership exclusive. Whether true or not, I actually heard the interwiew myself, so Leadership did not originate the story.

  • Ibiso

    Those BOKO HARAM boys that look like skeleton without shoes ? The arms they carry speak volume. Heavy Nigerians are obviously behind them and the military training obviously from well trained personels.

  • Jaky

    Pls, Emeka and bashwaz, remind me the name of the Nigerian Senator that has a Boko Haram person in his household.

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