Stallion Group Wins Fish Farmer of The Year 2015 Award

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Multinational conglomerate, Stallion Group has won the prestigious award “Fish Farmer Of The Year 2015”,at the Nigeria agriculture Awards event held on the 25th November at Lagos.

Stallion Group was accorded the honour for its investments and extensive activities in Nigeria’s aquaculture industry, aimed at increasing local production of fish and thereby making Nigeria self sufficient in the sector. Stallion also operates a nation-wide cold chain network that assures consumers of the highest quality fish meeting international standards.

While confirming the award, The central committee of the Nigeria Agriculture Awards (NAA) noted that Stallion Group’s “massive investments in Nigerian aquaculture, signaling confidence in the nation’s economy, is highly commendable and this award appreciates the said effort”.

The annual Nigeria Agriculture Awards (NAA) honours performing Nigerian farmers in the various agricultural sectors. The award is aimed at recognising and rewarding men, women, businesses and institutions that have contributed to Nigeria’s re-emergence as a veritable force in agriculture.

The organizers said they are convinced that such special recognition of individuals and corporate organizations that have distinguished themselves as critical actors in the agricultural sector will serve as motivation to other stakeholders to follow suit.

In 2014, Stallion Group was recognized by the federal government as one of the country’s second largest conglomerate considering the amount of taxes paid, the employment generated, Corporate social responsibility and the companies’ turnover.


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