Britain’s Biggest Torture Chamber, Oakington’s Underground Cell Exposed

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EVRERYONE is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion or national or social origin or property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any limitation of sovereignty”, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948 and proclaimed Universal Declaration of Human Right, UDHR Article 1.

According to Professor Alexia Thomas, the convention of UDHR Article 1 which is superior and binding on all 51 members of Commonwealth nations in which United Kingdom, UK, is a signatory, the dehumanisation, torture, torment,
suffering and abuse inflicted on Commonwealth citizens in Queen’s enclave on the basis of their color, race, international status, birth and social origin is a clear breach and violation of this law.

“Latest documents we received showed how Oakington Immigration Detention Centre in UK has become the most dreaded, dangerous and notorious torture chamber where citizens of Commonwealth nations either resident in UK, on visitation or had their appeals pending before the British Magistrate Courts are being clamped, humiliated, punished, detained and abused.

“Major detention centres in UK includes: Dover Removal Centre, Colnbrook Removal Centre, Oakington Removal Centre, Harmondsworth Removal Centre,Dungavel Removal Centre, Campsfield Removal Centre, Lindholam Removal
Centre, Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre, Haslar Removal Centre; Tinslay House Removal Centre, and Her Majesty Prisons (All Prisons in UK). Sadly, Oakington is the worst, most-worrisome detention centre where Africans,
Jamaicans, Asians and other citizens of Commonwealth are allegedly being treated as ‘inferior, slaves and abused’ at will,” she added.

Commonwealth Citizens Narrate Ordeal In Oakington

According to this shocking evidence in our hands, Victor Ewroh, a Nigerian, whose date of birth is August 20, 1978 who had traveled to UK in search of greener pastures in the earlier days of January 2008, was accosted, picked up by fierce-looking UK Border Agency on claims that he had overstayed his visa (whereas all his visa status proved contrary).

He was slapped severally, handcuffed and driven straight into Oakington- a detention centre he was put amidst hardened criminals and terrorists, where he was beaten.

Ewroh stated: “I was Physically Tortured for 150 Days, Dehumanised, Transferred to Scotland Dungavel Centre. Before been transferred, I was denied food for those numbers of days, stripped naked, humiliated for no-just cause, simply because I am a Nigerian looking good on British soil. This incident happened when I came out of a movie theater. This has left a huge scar on my back and forever I would never ever forget how wicked and inhuman these UK Border Agency can be. Oakington case team set me up because of their plans to cover their Satanic agenda against Commonwealth citizens in UK. It was an act of injustice against Commonwealth citizens. I would never forget July 2, 2008 when all these torment on me began in Oakington.”


‘I was Excessively Tortured into High Blood Pressure’-Damilola Dada Daniel, 44-year-old Nigerian

For Damilola Dada Daniel, a Nigerian born 12-08-1971 the sad story was indifferent. He stated that he arrived Britain mid 2,000, he had all his papers regularised and kept a quiet lifestyle. Due to his great accomplishment in his chosen career, his racist neighbours who were
predominantly White-British had to call the UK Border Agency to report him on crimes he knew nothing about, strictly due to envy.

He said, “The door of my house was busted. I was picked up in my house by six hefty armed UK Border Agency without any warrant of arrest, handcuffed. I asked them to allow me to call my lawyer, all my pleas fell on their deaf ears. I was not allowed to pick any of my property, but was driven straight into Oakington where I was excessively tortured severally until I began to have
High Blood Pressure. I was detained for 38 days and tortured at will. When a doctor in Oakington checked my blood pressure on July 27, 2008, he said I had 153/100 that I was supposed to be dead, yet no remedy was given to my health.”

‘I lost My Right Eye To Excessive Torture, Swollen Face, Suffered Excessive High Temperature And Migraine’ – Allis Marvellous Onyekachukwu, 26-year-old Nigerian


Allis Marvellous Onyekachukwu, a Nigerian born 01/01/1989 detained for 240 days in Oakington remains a sad man after what he went through in the wicked hands of UK Border Agency.

He had visited UK late 2006 with a valid multiple entry visa and had no issues. Not until two years after that he
was arrested by angry-looking UK Border Agency who are fond of parading the Commonwealth citizens’neighbourhood.

When he asked them what was his crime, he was told he would know when he arrived their base.

They lied, they never told him his crime, even after he was tortured, stripped naked, made to sleep on bare floor in Oakington.

He stated: “I would not wish my enemies to be victims of UK Border Agency. They are haters, racists, who enjoy seeing Africans suffer for crimes they know nothing about. If you are prospering in UK and you live in the neighbourhood of White-British people, sooner or later they will set you up and invite UK Border Agency to arrest you because they are eying your properties which they don’t have.

“I was tortured for 240 days for crimes I never committed. I shouted and begged, no help came. I lost my right eye to excessive torture in Oakington. A wrong dialysis was done on me by a doctor in Oakington on July 17, 2008, and I noticed that my infected eye was bringing out bad odour, swollen, which led to my migraine and high blood pressure.”

‘I suffered Excessive Torture, Physical Abuse, Spinal Injury breakdown, Head/Shoulder Injury, Attacked with weapon’ – Penda Evaritus Youdjeu, 36-year-old Cameroonian

Penda Evaritus Youdjeu, a 36-year-old Cameroonian narrates her experience: “Truth is, blacks, Africans and Commonwealth citizens are deeply hated by UK Border Agency. I was a hair stylist who lived legally in UK from 1999 until 2008 when I was arrested in my shop and taken into detention in Oakington by UK Border Agency. It was worse off because I was never told my offence. I saw hell. I was tortured excessively, physically abused and this led to my spinal injury and shoulder injury, I was attacked by a sharp weapon when I was transferred to Colnbrook Removal Centre.

“The attack was carried out against me by their personnel and security guards for just being an African in UK. That resulted in excessive wounds all over my body. A doctor over there advised me to report the matter to the police, but I was confronted by their personnel that if I followed that path, I would be wasted here, so I kept quiet.”

Miss HEO Melani: A Bully, Racist, Sadist-Greatest Enemy Of Nigerians In Detention Centre

According to these victims, “There is an arrogant woman called Duty HEO Miss Helen, a bully, racist who gives order to her personnel in Oakington to always beat, abuse, torture, strip naked and wound any African brought into that detention centre. She is a sadist, terrorist, kill-joy, who has proven repeatedly non-compliance
to ethics and practice of Immigration work that she is hired to do been a pessimist. All Commonwealth citizens detained in Oakington believe Miss Helen has no respect or dignity for human life, if you are black or come
from outside UK.”

In view of her attitude, she was taken up by Professor Alexia Thomas, Chairman, Independent Diplomat Commission, IDC, precisely in the month of May 2008, where she was reminded that it was over 96 hours that Nigerian Government had requested the release of four Nigerian nationals in the custody of Border and Immigration Agency.

She, however, threw caution to the wind when she
disrespected Nigeria’s sovereignty by calling IDC office on May 13, 2008 and said Nigerian Government had no authority over her jurisdiction.

Alexia explained in her archival, evidential letter: “When made to realise that respect should be given to enable citizens from both countries enjoyed diplomatic ties, she flared up, ignored professionalism and imbibed passion motivated by her unjust greed to humiliate the Nigerian captives. She deceived detained Nigerians by assuring them they would be released and set free. Immediately after, she ordered her security guards
in Oakington to inform the captives that they should park their properties to be taken to Nigerian High Commission. She lured those Nigerians out of detention and instructed them locked up in cellar-underground cells.

Professor Alexia Thomas said she would not relent until Nigerians in UK who hand been abused by UK authorities got justice.

“These are stories that haave been hidden and the British Government will not want the world to know. But we shall continually serialize these stories with some other fresh documents to show the world how UDHR laws were violated and Commonwealth citizens are made to suffer on British soil,” she said.

Alexia Thomas(1)

Account of events reported by Professor Alexia Thomas on May 15, 2008; August 12,2008 and April 20, 2008 is available on

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