‘Lugbe, Kubwa FHA Estates Built For Low Income Earners’

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The managing director of Federal Housing Authority(FHA),Prof Mohammed Al-Amin, has disclosed that federal housing estates in Lugbe and Kubwa were designed as social housing scheme for low income earners which was why it lacked adequate infrastructure.

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja, he noted that the Authority’s estates were divided into two categories such as commercial and social housing adding that social estates were purposely built for low income earners.

According to him, “In order to make those houses affordable to low income earners, certain category of infrastructure are provided, so we don’t construct the Dunlop tarred road that you see in Gwarinpa which is a commercial housing estate in order to cover cost.”

He confirmed that Lugbe housing estate was built 20 years back under the national housing programme stressing that it was reticulated by road networks, electricity, and water.

Al-amin said given the wears and tears in most FHA estates, that the Authority was making plans to introduce urban renewal programme meant to renew, rejuvenate and redo the wears and tears in the estates.

“We have finished all our plans and have gotten some resources allocated for it and we will soon start working on it.

“The level of infrastructure per estate depends on the type of estate. You can’t compare what we have in Gwarinpa to what is available in Lugbe and you can’t also compare what we have in Apo, Guzape to Kubwa,” he explained.

He noted that Kubwa and Lugbe were specifically built for low income earners stressing that the quality of infrastructure were mellowed down so that the affordability gap would be expanded for low income earners.

“We invested a lot of money to build infrastructure in Gwarinpa and Guzape estates to a level that is comparable around the world,” he added.

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