China Invests N9.6m In LEAP Africa Programme

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The Charge’ d Affaires , Embassy of Peoples Republic of China, Qin Jian  has said the Chinese government is investing N9.6 million in the Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability Profession(LEAP) Africa, 2016.

The Diplomat said LEAP Africa has played important role in providing young Nigerians with life skills that complement vocational, and technical education training.

He said, “The Chinese Embassy has always supported LEAP Africa Youth Development Training Programme which has six core components including the curriculum, teacher development and engagement, curriculum delivery, entrepreneurship and employability/career counselling, Change project implementation and graduation”.

He said, “The Chinese Embassy provides nearly N9.6 million to support this programme with the hope that it deepens friendship and enhance understanding to make a contribution to the Nigerian young people, economy and social development.

“This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Nigeria. In the past through the joint efforts between our two sides, the political mutual trusts between our two countries has been enhanced, economic ties forged closer and mutual understanding between us further deepened.”

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