177 Ambulances Deployed To Serve Pilgrims

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A fleet of 177 ambulances has been deployed during the Haj season in Makkah, Madinah, Arafat, Muzdaliafah and Mina, a senior official from the Ministry of Health has confirmed.

“The fleet of ambulances includes 120 mini-ambulances and 57 large vehicles that will be used to ferry sick Hajis from the medical clinics to hospitals at the holy sites,” the official said, adding that the fleet includes 30 mini-ambulances that were introduced last year.

“We have deployed mini-ambulances so that the vehicles could make their way even through large crowds of pilgrims who will be using the roads and alleys,” the official said, adding that the Saudi Red Crescent will also detail air ambulances to transport patients in emergency situations in cooperation with the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA).

“The services will be intensified during the pilgrims’ stay in Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah,” he said.

To offer comprehensive services to the pilgrims, he said the mobile unit will move with the pilgrims during the final phase of the Haj from Arafat to Muzdalifah and then finally to Mina during the time when pilgrims perform their various Haj rituals.


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