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Flood Kills 10-year-old Boy In Oron

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An early morning downpour which lasted for several hours yesterday wreaked havoc and drowned a 10-year-old boy along Stadium Road in Oron, Akwa Ibom.

The father of the victim, Mr Victor Asuquo, said that the unfortunate incident happened when the torrential rain transformed into flood, covered every available space in the area and killed his son.

He expressed regrets that being a new resident of the area, it was difficult for his son to identify the drains from the road, saying this caused him to fall into the gutter.

He called on the state government to open up water channels for free flow of water in the area.

“When the alarm was raised that my child had fallen into the flood gutter, it was too late as the water carried him far south into another street, where he got drowned.

“I am appealing to the state government to do something about the flooding problem in Oron Local Government Area, as more harm may be caused during the few months of rain.

“Uyime was my last hope in life; the state government should come and assist me to take care of his siblings, “ he said.

Corroborating Mr Asuquo`s opinion, the landlord of the deceased, Mr Etim Asuquo, said that Oron is a flood prone area because of the unavailability of a functional drainage in the locality.

He maintained that successive governments had not paid serious attention to the ecological and environmental predicament of the people of the area.

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