Hajj 2015: Families Of Dead Nigerian Pilgrims To Get Full Compensation

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Ambassador Salisu Umar, charge d’ Affair of Nigeria Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has reassured that full compensation of six Nigerians Pilgrims that lost their lives in the crane crash during last year hajj at the Masjid Al-Haram  Mosque, in Makkah, Saudi Arabia will be paid to their families by the Saudi government.

He gave the assurance yesterday at the pre-Arafat meeting organised by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) in Makkah.

He said the Nigeria’s mission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is following the issue religiously with the Saudi authorities to ensure full payment of the compensation to their respective families.

He also added that the mission is working on an arrangement with the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) to ensure that the Nigerian pilgrims that lost their life in the unfortunate incident of 2015 hajj stamped and who NDA is yet to determine are identified and communicated to their families accordingly.

“On the compensation of six Nigerians that were affected by the plane crash, the mission is still followsing the issue with the Saudi authorities to ensure that full compensation is paid to their families.

As for Nigerian pilgrims who NDA is yet to be determine, the mission is also make further arrangement with NAHCON to ensure that the Saudi’s authority identify those people and make the result available to us so that their family will be inform appropriately,” he stated.

He commended NAHCON for the number of innovations brought into this year’s 2016  Hajj administration, the introduction of feeding of pilgrims in Makkah, Medinah, Mina and Arafat has ensured improvement in the welfare of pilgrims as well as the transportation system.

According to him the idea of feeding the pilgrims and housing them in the highbrow Markaziya in Madina has not only reduce the incidences of accident and mortality but has eliminated the stress of walking long distances to the holy mosque in Medina.

He however called for more collaborative efforts between the state pilgrims welfare boards and the commission to ensure that pilgrims abide strictly to Saudi regulations.

“I want to particularly call on the state pilgrims welfare board to ensure adequate vehicle management so that there wouldn’t be traffic violation in the Kingdom. Last year we had incident of traffic violation by drivers to the tune of 276, 000 Saudi’s Riyad”.


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