Doctors Hold Health Exhibition September 19

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The Federal Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria and the Guild of Medical Directors are holding an exhibition and conference to showcase  what is happening in the Nigerian health sector.

The exhibition which will take place on Monday 19th to Tuesday 20th of September, has its theme, “All Things Medical” (ATM).

A renowned neurosurgeon and chief medical director of the first private neurosurgical centre in Nigeria, Memphys, Professor Sam Ohaegbulam, said the exhibition is timely as information and statistics about what is available in Nigeria is the bedrock of a viable and functional healthcare system.

“People keep asking, where can we do this or that in Nigeria? Or who can do this procedure or that operation in Nigeria? Then, they say, we did not know that this was available in Nigeria!’

Unfortunately, he said, there are huge risks for the unwary in medical care in Nigeria as many people end up patronising dangerous establishments and charlatans simply because they have no clear knowledge of where the real doctors are.

Citing example, Ohaegbulem revealed that the Ogun State government has closed three hospitals in Ifo local government area after two pregnant women died as the government accused the hospitals of lacking the competence to treat patients.

According to the neurosurgeon, “there is the issue with medical tourism. Doctors have highlighted the dangers of going to places such as India, South Africa, United Kingdom and Egypt for medical treatment. They pointed out the problems of traveling to these countries without proper information about the doctors, their qualifications and experience.

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