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‘Wamakko Was The First Nigerian Leader To Pay WAEC, NECO Fee For Resident Community Wards’

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Former Sokoto State governor and current serving Senator, Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko was the first Nigerian leader to have ever taken the bold step in  not just abolishing the indegene versus non-indegene dichotomy but also ensured equal treatment for all in citizens in the state, Chief Agustine Olumba said on Tuesday.

Chief Olumba, who served as Special Adviser on Resident Community Affairs when Wamakko was the governor of Sokoto State added that, Wamakko will be fondly remember in the Nigerian history as a detribalized leader with the heart of gold.

Listing some of the qualities that distinguished Wamakko, Chief Olumba said, Wamakko was the first Nigerian leader to not only declare free education for  all in sokoto state irrespective of your state of origin but also pay WAEC and NECO fees for all.

Speaking ealier, the Sarkin Yorubawa Sokoto, Alhaji Abdulfatai Coker divulged that all non-indegenes working as civil servants in sokoto were sacked before Wamakko recalled them after becoming governor.

Abdulfatai, added that, while Wamakko remained  was the governor, he carried everybody along in one spirit.

On his part, Chief Skido Elias Okafor admonished Nigerian leaders especially those in the other regions to emulate Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko’s leadership qualities.

Amongst these cherished qualities according to Chief Skido who spoke on behalf of Sokoto Resident Communities that paid the traditional Sallah homage on Senator Wamakko include, embracing all irrespective of religion, region, political and cultural differences.

“Senator Wamakko remained a leader whose believe in one peaceful and prosperous Nigeria continue to manifest in every part of his private and public life. I therefore urged all leaders, both elected, appointed and otherwise to emulate this leadership quality for a prosperous Nigeria where unhindered peace will continue to reign supreme”.


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