Dutse Residents Lament Prolonged Abandonment Of Dutse-Bwari Road

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Residents of Dutse in Bwari area council are lamenting the prolonged abandonment of Dutse-Bwari road, which they said has gone from bad to worst since the past administration of Peter Yohanna to the present administration of Musa Dikko.

Some of the residents who spoke with LEADERSHIP expressed disappointment that the hope which was placed on the present Chairman of Bwari area council, is gradually becoming a mirage since the administration has not made any move to ease the suffering of the people.

Mr. Mathew Idachaba, a resident of Dutse Saukale explained that during the campiagn of Hon. Musa Dikko, he promised the people of Bwari good roads and improved living standard, but nothing seems to be working since he assumed office as council chairman.

“We thought that he would give priority to the bad state of Dutse road, mostly from after Saukale Roundabout to Dutse first gate, which has become completely bad to both motorists and pedestrians.

“But it is obvious that the chairman is not bothered about the bad state of the road, even if it is just to fill the bad parts of the road with cotta. The road is getting worst on daily basis and vehicles are getting spoilt every day because of the bad road,” he said.

Ms. Agnes Yohanna, a resident of Bwari town also lamented that the main extrance to Bwari town still remains delapidated with over 100 days of the present chairman in office, despite collecting monthly allocations.

“The truth is that we do not know what the present chairman is waiting for before he commences repairs of the bad Bwari-Dutse road. Imagine that when the chairman of AMAC was commissioning projects after 100 days in office, Bwari had nothing to show.

“The chairman should try to live up to the expectation of people that voted for him, by fulfilling his promises to Bwari people, like repairing the bad roads that is making driving a nightmare to residents of Bwari.

“The truth is that we thought that by this time, the bad roads would have been repaired by the council chairman, since it was the major concerned of residents before the election, but now, reverse is the case. It does not speak well of a well anticipated leadership,” she said

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