Hasene Foundation Fetes Kano, Kaduna Less-privileged With 400 Cows Privileged

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A Germany based non-governmental organisation, Hasene International  Foundation, brought succour and relief to the less-privileged in both Kano and Kaduna when it slaughtered and shared 400 cows for the   Eid-el-Kabir.

Speaking during the distribution of meat in Kaduna, Shiekh Abdul Ahad Nyas disclosed that the foundation had been providing meat for the less-privileged during Sallah in the last three years.

He noted that the gesture  was targeted at those who could not afford to buy rams for the  sacrifice, as exemplified by Prophet Ibrahim.

“Hasene Germany  donated  400 cows to the less-privileged who don’t have the financial  power to slaughter rams in  Nigeria on Sallah Day. We  want to see   people happy. We know if people are happy, also God will make us  happy,” he explained.

According to him,  2,100 people  benefited in Kaduna, where 100 cows were slaughtered.

He said that in Zaria 100 cows were  shared, while Dawakin Tofa and Rano, both in Kano got 150 and 50 cows respectively.

“The peoples who brought the donation are  Hasene Germany. These four hundred cows are contributions by individuals.

Speaking on the importance of the  slaughtering of rams during the Eid el-Kabir, he said it was a religious  obligation to anyone who could afford it.

“The reason why we  slaughter rams is because we want to go  closer to  God.   God don’t need anything from what u slaughtering   Adha   you need ram, because God said what you need for you try and   remove something from what you have and give out to the people who don’t  have because of the fear of God and the promise of paradise,” he added.

He explained that the first year, it was  Birnin Kebbi  and Sokoto that benefited from the gesture, while the second one was in Kano.

He explained that Kano still benefited from this year’s donations as result of late approval from the Kaduna State Government.

“The reason why we split this year’s donation meant for Kaduna and Zaria  to Kano was because we didn’t get approval on time from Kaduna State Government. Anywhere  I go, if I tell people I am from the Hasene Foundation, I will  bring two hundred cows for donation, people are usually surprised, asking me from where are you going to get them. I say okay, you will see it. Because of that, the governor heard of it and  called me and I went to see him.”


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