Recession: Tambuwal Tasks Students On Economic Independence

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Sokoto State governor, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, has advised youths to see the nation’s current economic challenges as an opportunity to become self-sufficient.

He noted that the country’s economic situation was an avenue for youths to be innovative towards national and self development.

Tambuwal  while endorsing the Nigerian Student and Youth Corps Discount Card,  said the discount card could not have been introduced at a better time. Adding that the initiatve has taken cognisance of the nation’s economic challenges.

The card, which is also known as Naija Green Card was designed for students of tertiary institutions and youth corps members to provide  discounts for various goods and services for card holders across the country.

“This is a highly commendable initiative that will benefit our students and youth corps members. Not only that, initiatives like this have a very big role to play in the development of States and individuals. It is for these reasons that as a government (after you might have sensitized the business community in Sokoto State) call on our students from Senior secondary 111 and tertiary institutions to take up membership of the card,” he said.

He also urged Nigerian youths to emulate the sponsors of the card, saying the current economic challenges should awaken creativity and innovation in them rather than criminality.

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