Recession: Assemble Nigeria Economists For Solutions, Prelate Mbang Tells PMB

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The Prelate Emeritus of Methodist Church Nigeria (MCN), His Eminence, Dr. Sunday Mbang has pleaded with the federal government to assemble Nigerian economists in order to find a lasting solution to our current economic challenges.

Mbang who made his views known to journalist on Friday in his country home at Eket in Eket local Government area of Akwa Ibom state during the celebration of his 80th birthday said that Nigeria has enough brains for government to use to solve its problems.

‘’Believe me; I don’t know of any African country that has the kind of brains we have, but they are not using them because most of them don’t want to be politicians. But we can put together some  brilliant ones among them  in a sort of conclave like do when electing a news Pope at the Vatican  and keep them until they find   lasting solution to our challenges “he stated.

Mbang frowned at the decision of the federal government to jettison the National Conference reports, saying that, it would amount to huge financial waste, but that some of the decisions if implemented would have saved most of the problems the country was passing through

“I was not happy when President Buhari says the report of the National Conference set up by the immediate past government should not be looked into. Read it, look at it, those you don’t like, tell everybody you don’t like this. But for you to come and say I won’t look at it, I don’t think this is a way forward for the county, because definitely, this country needs some kind of restructuring”.

He noted that, the federal government was having too much in its hands, wondering why they cannot borrow what is tenable in other democracies where states and council areas are independent of the federal government.

The Methodist Church Prelate Emeritus who strongly condemned the ongoing operation ‘crocodile smiles’ in the Niger Delta, stressed  that, such action by the Federal government would rather aggravate the problem for Nigeria and the area than solution.

The octogenarian, known for his outspokenness and fiery outburst, noted that, the Federal government should not apply force and dialogue at the same time in the Niger Delta, but should only use dialogue to settle the issues once and for all.

He accused the government of knowing the main problem of the oil rich region but that it was just beating about the bush, stressing that, the militants are only playing the drums of their masters; but that dialogue must be applied till success is achieved.

“The truth is that you cannot use dialogue and force to settle issues, to make sense, I would prefer dialogue, but when you are talking about dialogue then you bring in military, it defeats the aim of dialogue, have they tried dialogue to its end so as to use military?

“I was disappointed to see the crocodile thing, I must be sincere, the trouble of Niger Delta is not today trouble, is a trouble that has gone for very long and am sure people know solution to them but they decides to be dancing around what they know. Whether they belief me or
not, they are working for people.

“There are certain things in Niger Delta that should be dealt with and for justice sake, let government deal with those things through dialogue. Niger Delta cannot get everything they want, am sure by then they will have peace; but if they think they can use force, is not going to work. It has not worked anywhere. You see, America wanted t use force in Afghanistan, Iraq and others, it did not solve the problems, in fact, is creating more problem for them. If they try to use force in the area, it will create more problem for Nigeria.

“They Niger Delta people have a case. People from outside have come to look at this case, they should sit down and deal with it the way they want to deal with it, force will not solve it. They have told me that the oil bloc is one of the main problems, that no Niger Delta man has one oil bloc in their area. I really want to see them dealing with it. If there are oil blocs given to others, why don’t they give to people from the area, so that when ever anybody wants to talk about it, they will say this man has it”, he said.

He challenged the youths in the country not to be despaired with the current situation the country has found itself especially in the area of unemployment, advising not to capitalize on the current happenings to turn themselves into vagabonds.

He thanked God for His benevolence, government and people of Nigeria who have made his stay on earth fruitful and called on young pastors not to make material wealth their priority but should work the work of the one who sent them, adding that, all other things would be added to them.


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