Doctors, Siemens, Fidelity Bank, Form Pact Against Medical Tourism

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The Guild of Medical Directors, Siemens-biostadt and Fidelity Bank have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which is geared towards improving health care services in the country.

Addressing newsmen at the event, weekend, the President of the Medical Directors, Dr Tony Philips pointed out that the initiative which was in line with the change mantra of the President, Mr Muhammadu Buhari, is aimed at correcting the ills in the Nigerian health system.

“This is our own way of saying that the change begins with us,” he added.

He also expressed dissatisfaction over lack of appropriate medical equipment in hospitals including proper training of medical personnel which leads to misdiagnosis and or slowed process of achieving results.

He added that this had caused patients to lose faith in the country’s health system while opting to seek quality health care abroad.

His words, “we have an issue in this country, and it is that of medical tourism, we have resources being drained abroad, human, financial resources, our people spending time going abroad to treat ailment.”

“The change that we need in the health sector is to stem the tide of brain drain; of medical tourism; converting medical tourism from drain to gain, he added.

Philips revealed that findings have equally shown that apart from lack of training and equipment, lack of the where withal to purchase equipment had also put the doctors in the dilemma.

He noted that the findings had engineered the move to enter into an agreement with Siemens and Fidelity Bank.

“What this mean is that Doctors could now choose any equipment of their choice according to their needs to make their work easy,” he said.

Emphasising that the agreement would only benefit private practitioners, he explained that the plan is to purchase the equipment from Siemens with loan from Fidelity bank.

In the same vein, the General Manager of Siemens, Mr Emmanuel Otitoloju said that while his organisation will provide the needed equipment, it will assist in updating them when the need arises.

He further said that Siemens will assist in training of the doctors on how to use the equipment.


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