Save Zakzaky Group Vows To Storm Abuja If…

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Group under the auspices of Save Zakzaky life group Nigeria have vowed to storm Abuja in their millions if their leader Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky who has been in detention is not released from detention in the next two weeks.

According to a statement made available to news men in Kaduna on Monday,the group said, “we will it around in Abuja in millions if sheikh Zakzaky is not released within two weeks.”

According to the statement signed by Malam Bashir Marafa, “Save Zakzaky’s life group of Nigeria has observed a deliberate and calculated delay of the Nigerian  Government, under the  leadership of Muhammad Buhari,  to release our leader, Shaik  Ibraheem Zakzaky, who has been in detention without trial since December 2015, after the Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Armies  who brutally killed over one thousand innocents members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria IMN, while Shiehk Zakzaky  and his wife Zeenatudden,  were shot severally, and were arrested, after killing his three children on the spot.

“Meanwhile,  there were all evidences so far,  that President Buhari’s government has conspired  with it foriegn  and internal allies to wipe the Islamic movement in Nigeria (IMN) and that was why soldiers were deployed to Zaria and undertook mass killings  of innocents  souls,  while the leader of the movement  is still in detention.

“The international communities,  Human Rights organizations,  both in Nigeria and abroad,  and all other well meaning individuals with sense of humanity  has  condemned the Zaria massacre and the continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife.

“At this point,  SAVE ZAKZAKY’S LIFE GROUP OF NIGERIA, after a careful and sensitive analysis,  has realised that,  Buhari’s government is deliberately frustrating the life of Sheikh Zakzaky,  in custody, with it’s worrisome hidden agenda.”

The group queried, “why not release him to go for a perfect medical attention?  Why not take him to the court of law? Why are they violating the rule of law?

“Finally,  the SAVE ZAKZAKY’S LIFE GROUP OF NIGERIA,  is calling President Muhammad Buhari’s government,  to release Sheikh  Ibraheem Zakzaky unconditionally,  within two weeks from now.

“However,  at the expiration of the deadline without the release of Shiehk Zakzaky,  members of the Islamic Movement , men and women,  and children, would storm Abuja,  the Nigeria’s capital,  for a peacefully,  and well organized “SIT AROUND”, and we would not leave until our leader Sheihkk Ibraheem Zakzaky is unconditionally released”.

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