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EFCC Will Soon Go After Banks’ Officials, Says Magu

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The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), has said that banks and their officials who helped in concealing stolen funds will soon have their day in court.

The acting chairman of the commission, Mr Ibrahim Magu said  it was unfortunate that some banks encouraged looting by creating an “enabling environment” for it.

He said, “The banking sector is creating a fertile ground for corruption.”

Magu, who spoke in Lagos during an interactive session with the commission’s external lawyers and civil society organisations, warned that the commission would no longer condone such situation.

According to him, it was as if the banks were telling looters: “Go and steal and I’ll hide it for you,” which he said must stop.

“We’ll zoom in on the banks. We need to stop them from creating an enabling environment for corruption to thrive,” he said.

Speaking with Journalists on whether the commission would invite wife of former President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience, for questioning over the $15,591,700 she claimed belonged to her, Magu said investigation was ongoing.

“We are on it. You see, we work for the long-term. We must complete our preliminary investigations before we come out,” he said.

He told the forum that EFCC sometimes spends up to nine months investigating a case before inviting suspects for questioning, adding that no one who has stolen public funds would be spared.

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