Abdullahi Gana, Commandant-General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)

No Rift Between My Management Team And I – NSCDC Boss

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The Commandant General, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC),Mr. Abudullahi Muhammadu Gana has dismissed what he termed as ‘ malicious’ suggestions of a possible rift between him and his management team, saying they were fully focused on ways to improving staff welfare as well as providing adequate security of critical infrastructures and lives.

Reports surfaced recently that the Civil Defence boss, Gana and his managerial team had a dispute over  gross cheating and withholding backlog of salaries, allowances and his selective leadership style, an allegation, which was allegedly aimed at instigating industrial action  by the already aggrieved rank and file of the Corps who were already spoiling for protests over the allegations.

Gana who  described the allegations as inciting, baseless and as unwelcome distraction for the Corps advised

personnel ‘to be wary of mischief makers who are out to promote what does not exist. He ordered Officers of the intelligence department ‘to hunt those trying to bring division into the fold.’

He said, ‘ Civil Defence is one big happy family, we should not give room to evil minded persons to bring in sentiment or cause division in the house they did not build through campaign of calumny ‘.

Gana  further said, ‘I haven’t got a clue about what they are referring to as selective leadership style. There are absolutely no problems between the top echelon of the Corps and Abdullahi Muhammadu Gana.

He said, “In fact quite the reverse as there is no internal rift in the corps, we are very close friends, both on duty and off the office. I have got no idea what they are referring to because it sounds so strange to me.”

The NSCDC boss continued by saying, “I certainly would advise my officers and the entire public to give no comment to it, because it is obviously one malicious story that someone has managed to spin. It is of no interest to us.”

LEADERSHIP findings revealed that Members of the NSCDC were shocked to see media reports claiming internal rift between their chief executive and his subordinates.

A senior officer who also reacted to the allegation said, this is very annoying because during critical period of insecurity that the nation is faced with , security outfits needs support of both the media and its people to achieve result but with such rumour it would only demoralise them.

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