Obaseki Unveils Plans For Health Sector

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The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), for the September 28, election, Mr Godwin Obaseki, yesterday, unveiled plans to make Edo State the medical hub of the country.

Obaseki who made this known at an interactive meeting with the Edo State chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), also noted that his health programme will be targeted at the poor in the state.

He disclosed that the plan to make the state medical hub of the country is to stop medical tourism.

To achieve this, Obaseki said the five star hospitals that have been built in the state capital will be equipped with the best medical equipment the world has to offer.

He said his government, when elected, will build and equip specialised departments at the Central Hospital, Benin, for the treatment of ailments for which Nigerians seek  medical attention abroad.

In addition, he said while experts on these fields will be engaged, more medical personnel will be recruited for the various hospitals across the state.

While promising to restore faith in the health sector, he said the medical needs of the poor have been duly considered.

According to him, “I will restore faith in our health sector and make Nigerians who seek health care abroad to come to Edo for their medical attention. While government look up to establishing standard hospitals across the state, it is also the duty of government to subsidize  medical services and health care for those who cannot afford such bills.

“The less fortunate in the society will also enjoy the same quality services like every other individual in the rest of the world.”

He however noted that the Oshiomhole led government of the state, had invested substantially, in the health sector.

“What we have done basically, these past years, is to improve on the infrastructure of the government owned hospitals, as well as equipping some of them. Now, while we will be focusing more on the human capacity building part of the health sector, we will also be fully equipping those that needed to be equipped with modern health facilities,” he said.

Obaseki also disclosed plans to build and equip emergency care centres at strategic locations across the state, to take care of emergency cases, especially accident victims.

Specifically, Obaseki said one will be built at Okada, along Benin/Lagos highway, another center between Edo/Delta highway way at Ologbo, and another at Ehor, along Benin/Auchi expressway, to save lives and reduce the medical pressure at the center.

While assuring the medical practitioners of a good working relationship, Obaseki frown at the constant strain relationship that exists between the government and the medical practitioners.

He noted that the demands of medical Doctors are usually about compensation, incentives and standard which are issues that government can handle through negotiation.

He called for the support and cooperation of the NMA for him to emerge as the next governor of the state to enable him actualised his plans for the sector.

He said because of the importance attached to health, the current administration which he is part of, invested heavily in the construction of a five star General Hospital, rather than building a new government house.

The president of the NMA, Dr Emmanuel Osigbofo assured the governorship candidate of their support and cooperation to enable him achieves his ambition as the next governor of the state.

He however appealed to the governorship candidate to give more attention to the medical practitioners when he emerges as the next governor of the state.


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