Senator Isah Hamma Misau

Recession: Ban On Rice Importation Has Fueled Hunger – Senator Isah Misau

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The chairman Senate Committee on Navy, Senator Isah Hamma Misau on Thursday decried the state of hunger across the country, attributing it to the federal government ban of importation of stable products like rice.

Misau, who is a serving senator, represents Bauchi Central senatorial district at the upper legislature, stated this in a series of tweets via his Twitter handle @SenIsahMisau with the hashtag #Onrecession.

According to him, the federal government should have provided alternatives before going public with its policy on importation of stable products.

On called on the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to fight corruption, which he said is a global phenomenon, with the rule of law and not the media.

The senator also called on the leadership of the National Assembly to work with the federal government and find ways out of the current recession.

While noting that the management of the economy of a country is a serious business, he urged the government not to play politics with it, blaming the government’s posturing and uncertainties of its policy at the inception for the exit of major investors.

He advocated for government to get competent Nigerians irrespective of their ethno-religious posturing to help proffer solution to the lingering recession crisis the country is currently grappling with.

He further advised the government to approach the militancy in the Niger Delta with dialogue and diplomacy to help the nation shore up its revenue base.

The tweets reads, “#Onrecession Govt must provide adequate alternatives before banning importation of basic staple products like rice. This has fueled hunger.

#Onrecession To attract FDI, leaders must launder our image. Corruption is a global phenomenon fought by the rule of law not in the media.

#Onrecession @nassnigeria must seek out ways to work with the Executive to get us out of the current impasse.

#Onrecession Govt must be sincere in proffering solutions. Get competent hands regardless of their ethno-religious posturing.

#Onrecession If we are serious, we can get out of the doldrums in the shortest possible time. Rise above fear and suspicion and work out a plan.

#Onrecession Economic theories and models will not get us out of the gutters. We must employ unique practical solutions. ACT and NOW.

#Onrecession the management of a nation’s economy is serious business. We mustn’t play politics with Nigerian lives!

#Onrecession If the renewed activities of militants and pipeline vandals in the Niger Delta cut our earnings; diplomacy and dialogue is the way out.

#Onrecession Govt posturing and policy uncertainties at the turn of the current govt resulted in the exit of major portfolio investors …

#Onrecession …thereby stifling the economy coupled with the dearth of commodity exports and reliance on crude oil earnings.”

The tweets


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