Police Stop Prostrate HBP Patient From Eating, Urinating, Drinking Drugs For Over 10 Hours

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Police operatives attached to Agbado police station of the Ogun State police command have stopped a man who was suffering from High Blood Pressure (HBP)  from eating, urinating and taking his drugs for over 10 hours when he was invited by the police, on Wednesday.

The patient, Polycarp Ochiama was said to have been invited by the police operatives attached to the station for failing to pay a worker, Ola Agboola his four months’ salary.

Ochiama, who is the general supervisor of Governors Water Nigeria Limited, said he was forced to the police station by policemen, including a woman who later became the Investigative Police Officer (IPO).

Ochiama said he refused to follow the police to the station at first because the invitation card bears ‘Managing director’ while he is just the general supervisor of the company.

Ochiama explained to the police that he is not the owner of the company and could not be held over the inability of the company to pay workers’ salaries.

He explained that one of the directors is based in overseas while one is in Nigeria, adding that even he was not happy about the development. He said the company is also owing him over N400, 000 while the same water firm is owing Agboola just N120, 000.

The general supervisor took a swipe at the police for inviting him to the station the second time after the first invitation about two weeks ago in which the same issue was resolved.

He said the matter was settled by the human rights section of the station and he allegedly agreed that if one of the six grounded vehicles the company were using for water supply could be repaired by Saturday (tomorrow) , in two weeks’ time the company could afford to pay Agboola who was the machine operator of the company N15, 000.

He said he also promised that he would be doing so every two weeks unless either the vehicle or machine developed fault. He also reminded the police that he agreed to that to give peace a chance but if the two owners (directors) of the company decided otherwise he would not help it. He insisted that the two directors could decide to close the company tomorrow, adding that  the police should not hold him responsible for owing the worker because the company belongs to the two directors.

The divisional police officer of Agbado police station who refused to disclose his name tried very well to make appeasement between Agboola and Ochiama. He also explained to Ochiama that he was wrong not to obey the police who came with invitation card to his place. He said Ochiama did the right thing following the police during the first invitation but refusing to follow again would amount to resisting invitation. He explained that even if somebody reported a case that does not make the person free from blame because in some cases a complainant would become an suspect at the station.

Ochiama said why he refused to come was because the invitation was not addressed to him but to the managing director which he is not.

The woman IPO explained how Ochiama refused to follow them to the station for about an hour. Ochiama asked her if that was why she wanted him to die by refusing him to eat, urinate and take his drugs.

Ochiama told LEADERSHIP Friday at the DCB office of the Agbado police station what transpired..

His words:  “I work with Governors Water Nigeria Limited  as general supervisor while the complainant, Ola Agboola was the machine operator. The company is owing him just four months salary. His salary is N30, 000 per month. The company has six Mitshibushi Canter Pickup. The six vehicles are not in order. Because of that we were doing skeletal business. Agboola does not come to office regular unless we needed his attention.. We usually called him on phone when we needed him.  Two months ago Agboola called  one of the director of the company, Ugochukwu Onuoha.  He informed him that he wanted to leave the company. He demanded for the arrears the company was owing him. Onuoha called me and told me that since Agboola was not interested in working for the company again, there is no need allowing him to remain as a staff.  He said we should look for ways to pay him the salary.. Agboola ha already discussed with him so when I saw Agboola and told him what the director said, he flamed up.He said why should the director call me over his issue?  About three weeks ago he went to the human rights section of the station and reported me that I refused to pay him his salary. He branded me the owner of the company..I explained to the police the condition we are working because our vehicles are bad. We used them for distribution of our water. I promised the human rights desk that the company could pay N15, 000 two weeks after we have put the vehicle in order. We all agreed and we left. So I was surprised why he came with the police from the station again and the police were intimidating , harassing and humiliating me. The policewoman called me unprintable names. She insulted me and added tribal colouration to the matter. She said that is how Igbo people treat yoruba people

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