Agitation For Break Up, Needless – Gov Bello

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Niger state governor, Alhaji Abubaker Sani Bello has stated that after 56 years of being together as one nation, there is no need for any part of the country to agitated for secession but work for the unity of the country based on better understanding .

The governor, who spoke at the weekend in Minna at a special celebration of the 56th independence anniversary of Nigeria, advocated for the strengthening of Nigeria’s unity rather than working for separation.

“I appeal to those calling for such separation to have a rethink because the creation of Nigeria was not accidental, rather it was God’s ordained, It is no wonder then that our founding fathers were quick to realize that there is unity in diversity,” governor Bello stated.

The governor further noted that “like some people would say, if our national cake is no longer big enough for us, it is only logical that we come

together and bake a bigger one. Nigeria remains the greatest black nation in the world such that in every group of five black men, at least one of them must be a Nigerian. So we must use our population to our advantage”.

The governor posited that when the spirit of selflessness is imbibed in the younger Nigerians, the nation would be consciously asking them to re-dedicate themselves to the principles of equity, fairness and accountability as well as resuscitate the fading values of honesty, discipline and respect for one another.

He bemoans a situation where every body desires change but nobody truly work for change, saying that from the governor to all members of the

society, everyone has the responsibility of effecting positive change the society desired.

Governor Bello decried the fading values at work place and every segment of Nigeria society while calling all charged with responsibility to discharge their responsibility with fear of God.

“Here in Niger state, we take pride in being endowed with all the attributes to become a great state, leveraging on the platform of democracy that upholds the principles of participatory governance. We may not be there yet, but I can assure you that by collectively harnessing our human and material resources, we will get there” he declared.

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