PMB Slow But Steady In His Approach To Governance – Tinubu

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National Leader, Bola Tinubu has said President Muhammadu Buhari is slow and steady in his approach to governance because of his experience.

Speaking  during the launch of a book — ‘Muhammadu Buhari: The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria’, written by John Paden, a professor of international studies — at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, Tinubu said during the campaign, he surprised many by his agility and the broad canvas on which he operated.

He said the book, succinctly explains the transition from the Buhari in uniform to one in civilian garb. He notes that in terms of style of leadership, Buhari as a young military head of state was in a hurry.

“However, now that he is older and given his experience, he is “slow but steady” in his approach to governance.

“The author juxtaposes Buhari’s military career and his political career adeptly, weaving them together in a tapestry that evokes the image of a man, who, from day one, had been destined for leadership.

He observed that from the book’s pages, we see a man who has lived his life on assignments that always intersected with vital moments in the nation’s history. He was a man on assignment, when, in the military, he served bravely in a civil war to keep Nigeria united.

Tinubu said, “Now, as sitting President, he is on an assignment, against time, to undo the wrongs of nearly two decades of bad governance.

“Such is the life of this man. Always in the public eye, doing things in his different, disciplined and Spartan way. From this compelling narrative, neatly demarcated into three parts and 24 chapters, the reader is able to glean the quintessential Buhari.

According to Tinubu, no one is more qualified to evaluate President Buhari, from the past to the present, other than General Theophilus Danjuma saying as  a senior officer to Buhari, they both enjoy a professional and personal friendship, unparalleled in our history. His words confirm that Buhari was a man prepared for leadership ahead of a time like this.

He remarked that the formation of the All Progressives Congress, APC, is an important event that the book addresses. The merger was the result of teamwork, belief in the democratic will of the people and a commitment to national purpose.

“Many of us invested ourselves, our heart, body, mind and soul in this project for national salvation. Many did not want it to happen and fought to undermine the good we sought to accomplish, He added.

According to him, President Buhari made three electoral promises: Security, Corruption and Employment. On security, success has been recorded in decimating Boko Haram.

“On corruption and the rule of law, Buhari continues to plough new ground. Unemployment has been a stubborn problem, made even more difficult by the oil price-driven recession, but this administration has shown its commitment toward achieving the structural reform that will bring a durable solution to this and other economic challenges”, he stated.


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