Post – independence Nigeria Paid Lip Service To Science, Technology – Onu

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Nigeria, in her post-independence history did not pay sufficient attention to the crucial role which science and technology plays in nation building, minister of science and technology,  Dr Ogbonnaya Onu has said.

Onu stated this when he delivered keynote lecture with the theme: “Science, Technology and Innovation: The Way Forward” on the special occasion of the 2016 Founders Day celebration of University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN).

“The impact of this trend in development on our economy can be better appreciated if we can examine the nature of our exports within the past fifty years for both Nigeria and South Korea”

“Both in ancient and modern times, no nation has ever become truly great without science, technology and innovation. Indeed, developed nations are those that embrace science, technology and innovation, while others that do not, remain undeveloped” Onu added.

He insisted that Nations that are anxious to develop have long known that if they desire to modernize and be competitive, the only road to follow is that of knowledge, particularly scientific and technological knowledge.

The Minister observed that it was lamentable that a late as 2011, “Nigerian exports still remained as nearly unprocessed commodities” and insisted that the neglect of science and technology has done collosal damage to Nigeria.

“For us to properly understand the enormity of the damage that the neglect of science, technology and innovation has done to our national development, it has become necessary to start with a review of

Nigeria’s standing in current global comparative statistics on the contribution of scientific innovation to national development”


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