Call For Oyegun’s Resignation Unpatriotic – Umar Duhu

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The Pioneer National Vice Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), North East; Dr Umar Duhu has said that people calling for the resignation of Chief John Oyegun as National Chairman are unpatriotic.

According to Duhu, APC is a democratic institution where all leaders must come to terms with realities adding that gone are the days when some presumed leaders of the previous Legacy Party that merged to form the APC single headedly call the shorts within their defunct political parties.

Speaking in an exclusive interview in Abuja, Duhu also said the brouhaha in the APC was because some members of the legacy parties that merged to form the APC have not been carried along.

“APC won the 2015 elections because of its democratic nature in sourcing for its candidates. In this regard, imposition is totally alien in the workings of the APC. President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. Integrity who by right is the only National Leader of the APC, will not condone act of recklessness perpetrated in the great APC. Instead of asking our National Chairman to resign, we must commend him for standing against imposition of candidates,” Duhu said.

Reacting to a comment credited to the Nigeria Youth and Sport Minister, Solomon Dalong that the crises in the APC was because of 2019, Duhu said all parties that work for the success of the party should be held in high esteem.

“I think we should try and appreciate the chemistry of what is referred to as APC today. APC started as amalgamation of different political groups then graduated into a mass movement and formed the government. Today, some animals are indeed not equal to others”.

“How many persons are appointed into this government from the defunct ANPP? Despite having 3 State Governors, 18 Senators and about 100 House of Reps Members, all from the North, members of the ANPP are still far behind.”

“I think we deserve better share in this government and reasonable politician would expect absolute loyalty of folks from this divide. As a Leader with civil society background,  I urged Mr Solomon Dalung to speak for a fair balance and call for a further better deal to reduce or eliminate this imbalances in the polity,” Duhu added.

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