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Why I Want To Be Liberian President – Joseph Mills

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A presidential candidate for the forthcoming general election in Liberia, Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, has said that restructuring Liberian economy with a view to reduce the dependence of the country’s economy on a few primary commodities, among other things are his reasons for his candidacy.

Dr. Jones who is vying on the platform of Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) said in an interview with some journalists in Nigeria recently, that he will ensure economic empowerment of the citizens so that a middle class can be build.

According to him, “I will ensure inclusive economic development that guarantees peace and stability, Wage a meaningful war against poverty, change the development paradigm from dependency to self reliance as well as se the nation’s resources for the benefit of the people; including channelling increased resources to rural areas.

“ I will also ensure we defeat tribalism, while ensuring a better appreciation of our cultural heritage, build an educational system that is responsive to the needs of a modern economy, make it possible for the young people to have increased access to education, including the opportunity of student loans to cover tuition and books at all accredited colleges and universities, technical and vocational schools”.

He added that his if elected Presidency, he will be on a mission of service for political, economic and social transformation of Liberia, stressing that  the “business-as-usual” ways of governance will be abolished by promoting political decentralisation.

He also said his government intend to Improve health care in both urban and rural areas, achieve food security, Improve road network, including farm- to- market roads and develop a stable and professional civil service.

His words, “We will create better job opportunities, rooted in an expanding private sector, including the development of the agricultural sector, establish a government that operates on the basis of Liberia being a collective responsibility, set up a justice system that is fair and accountable to all; that can be relied upon as the guardian of our liberties and our democracy.

“Enable Liberians in the Diaspora to fully participate in our democratic and economic development. Encourage and protect foreign investment and ensure mutual partnership for sustained economic growth and inclusive development.”

He further said his government will maintain and expand mutual regional and international cooperation as well as investment policy to reinforce each other so that their total impact will advance Liberian participation and ensure greater ownership of the Liberian economy at all levels.

Liberians would be going to the poll in later this month for a general elections.

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