Protesters Besiege NASS, Want Lawmakers To Return Monies Collected

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Hundreds of Nigerians on Wednesday occupied the main entrance to the National Assembly in protest even as they demanded a return of the monies by both serving and past lawmakers in the country.

The group under the platform of Citizens Action To Take Back Nigeria and Coalition of Civil Society, said it time to rescue the country from “corrupt” members of the National Assembly, saying, their current action “will consume everybody in the National Assembly who is not ready to submit to the wishes of the people no matter highly placed or how influential.”

Speaking on behalf of the protesters yesterday at the main entrance of National Assembly in Abuja, Ibrahim Garba Wala, said: “it is time to tell our lawmakers that we voted them in to make laws not to loot our resources. It is time to make them see that the power belong to us and we can wield it at any time.

“We demand accountability and transparency from them and we will not hesitate in confiscating whatever we feel does not represent who we knew they were before they were voted in. Politics can not be seen as a means of amassing wealth. There are so many people who are in our National Assembly today who have no right whatsoever to be there because they lack even the basic qualities require in law making. It is a flaw system, but that change must start somewhere and it is starting today.

“This is going to be a sustained action movement unless every member of the National Assembly who has stolen our money returns same to our treasury and where criminal activities were aided and abated they are exposed and prosecuted this campaign will not stop.

“We may be starting with National Assembly today but we will reach every sector until we #TakeBackNigeria#. If you do not have what it takes to serve in public office in Nigeria today, it is still early; ship out now before we get to you, or you may not survive the onslaught when it start.”

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