Dankwambo’s Harvest Of Honours

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It is a time worn adage that a man reapeth what he soweth and if he sows bountifully, so shall he also reap bountifully and sumptously. There is no other political leader in Nigeria as of this moment whom the adage fits so aptly than Alh. (Dr) Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo OON, (Talban Gombe), the Executive Governor of Gombe State, of whom the Vanguard, Leadership and many other prominent Nigerian’s newspapers and corporate organizations have been  investing and showering the prestigious and highly revered Honours of Best Governor of the Year 2015 at different occasion.

Indeed, the Honours coming from reputable and highly regarded national dailies like the Vanguard and Leadership Newspapers is a testimony to the administrative, operational and organizational vigour; fervour, vision and fortitude of the tireless and bold Talban Gombe who has no doubt performed outstandingly and superlatively in taking Gombe state’s infrastructural, economic cum human capital development indices to the next level. In fact, it has been stated authoritatively and resoundingly that the ebullient chief executive of Gombe State has recorded a bevy of achievements surpassing all other past governments of Gombe State put together, be it military or civilian in the history of the 20 yeas state.

Despite the fact that, the state isn’t oil producing state that had enjoys hefty cash backing from the oil revenue derivations, with the little and meagre recourses coupled with the colossal liabilities incurred by his predecessor, Dankwambo has been able within 5years of his stewardship transformed the state into a befitting city adored by all. It was through his purposeful and sincere mission to liberate the hapless citizens of the state from the hitherto despair and despondency that, he had put some viable projects that could raise the Internally Generated Revenue of the state to mollify the unbearable impact arises from the continual decrease in the federal allocation due to the sharp decline in the oil price across the world. One can convincingly visualize the wisdom and foresighted idea behind the construction of the multifaceted and ultramodern Major Carpark, the Petroleum Tankers Packing Bay, and the Gombe International Conference Centre and many other initiatives that could rapidly increase the state revenue generation.

No wonder, Governor Dankwambo was hailed, praised and honored for being the unexpected survivor of the Buhari’s Change Hurricane that swept virtually all the Peoples Democratic Governorship seat in the whole northern part of the country. The kind of political threats and perceived unstoppable APC’s forces that were later defeated by the will of God has therefore earned Talban Gombe all the honours and awards he has been receiving. His determination to succeed, doggedness, sincerity and political fairness were the virtues that keep the Talban Gombawa moving while his detractors and contemporaries were left consumed.

It is an unprecedented happening in the history of the Nigerian politics that, a governor from an opposition party was seen applauded and celebrated by the people from the different political platform due to his astuteness, professionalism and political tolerance. Dankwambo was a member of many committees constituted by the President Buhari’s led APC government; he has been traversing the corners of the country and the international corridors giving out God’s endowed, inspiring and productive presentations that could bring out the country from its present economic recession and proffers solution to major financial problems.

While other states have accumulated a backblocks of civil servants salaries and some workers are received their salaries by a month delay, the financial guru pays salaries as at when due. Though, the state has been taking for an unfortunate right by the former governor where thing were done only within the political lines, projects were sited to favors individuals, contracts were given to political acolytes not minding their capacity to deliver, invoices were padded and lots more. But after night, comes a glorious dawn, when Dankwambo took over the mantle of leadership, financial prudence, equity and justice remain wording that characterize his stewardship. it was therefore a resonating fact that, Governor  Ibrahim Dankwambo himself testified at the Leadership, Vanguard and even ICAN award ceremonies that, Gombe State is presently been run according to the exacting standards set by accounting best practices which values thriftness, prudence, probity, transparency, accountability, due process and the rule of law.

Certainly, in Gombe State today, contracts, tenders, prequalification’s and procurements are carried out in accordance with the strict diktat of the Public Procurement Act and other extant statutes and regulations and not according to the whims and caprices of an omnipotent helmsman as was common in the Goje era. Infractructural projects in the road, health, education, water, power, rural development and agricultural sectors etc are closely monitored and holistically supervised to ensure conformity with contract specifications while contract overruns and over-invoicing are strictly discouraged as criminal acts liable to zealous prosecution. The various organizations that honoured a doubly deserving Dankwambo emphasised that the infrastructural, economic and developmental revolution engendered by the people oriented governor has been realised at the least possible cost to the Gombe treasury and taxpayers, a testimony worth emulating by all and sundry in the political and public service arena.

Therefore, while awaiting many more to come, it’s equally a gesture worthy of commendations that Dankwambo has become a Golden Fish with No Hiding Place among his contemporaries.

– Kera was the chairman, Media and Publicity Committee for Dankwambo 2015 Campaign Organization.


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