Again, Anglican Church Advocates True Federalism In Nigeria

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The Diocese of Calabar Anglican Communion, on Monday reiterated its call for the practice of true federalism in Nigeria, saying it is the only panacea to the nation’s multifaceted problems.

This is just as the church frowned at the recent invasion of the residences of some judges by operatives of the Department of State Security Services (DSS), in a bid to fight corruption.

Bishop of the Diocese, Rt. Rev. Tunde Adeleye, stated this at a press briefing to mark the 2nd session of 9th Synod of the Diocese in Calabar.

According to Adeleye, States should be given more powers to manage some pressing local affairs, while the Federal Government should maintain its roles on national security and diplomatic matters.

“It is my considered opinion that the main solution to all the sociopolitical and economic problems in this country is still true Federalism.

” This system allows for division of power between two or more levels of governments with equal status.

“This means that states should be given autonomous authority to manage some local concerns affecting themselves; such as police, schools, hospitals, road maintenance, mineral resources, a level of the judiciary etc.

“Under this arrangement, the Federal Government will be expected to manage other affairs such as the army, diplomatic/consular issues, citizenship, railways, airways, certain aspects of banking policy and the judiciary”,  he said in part.

While reflecting on Nigeria’s fight against corruption, the clergyman expressed worry over the DSS recent invasion on the residences of Nigerian judges.

The bishop, however, said he was in support of the fight against corruption, but does not like the modus operandi of the security outfit in its attempt to arrest the suspects.

“Some judges were arrested in the country by the operatives of the Department of State Security Services (DSS), recently. This is commendable as a way of fighting corruption even in the judiciary.

“But, ladies and gentlemen, the method is condemnable, barbaric, inhuman, bestial and primitive.

“Our major problem in this country is the ability to follow due process and rule of law. Do we need to attack someone’s house in the night because we need to capture someone in the name of arrest?” he added.

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