IMN: US Group Launches Campaign Against Nigerian Shiites

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A group of 200 young Nigerians in the US have been inaugurated by one Cosmas Collins under the auspices of More Voices Against Terrorism in the United States to preach against the growing spate of extremism and terrorism in Nigeria.

According to a short video posted on the Internet by the Convener, Cosmas Collins which showed members of the group sharing pamphlets said Islam is a good religion but El- Zakzakky and his foreign based organization are portraying the religion in bad light just to satisfy his foreign masters.

A copy of the pamphlet which was obtained by our correspondent alleged that the non prosecution of El Zakzakky is a major flaw for the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari which is globally rates in its war against terrorism. He said all efforts by the federal government and the Nigerian military to rescue the Chibok girls are well appreciated by the Nigerian community on the diasporas.

He confirmed that Nigerians the world over are united to ensure that their advocacy in the USA gets to the President and the last person at home. It further hinted that the campaign against El- Zakzakky and his Iranian counterparts is to defend the sovereignty of Nigeria from re-colonization by imperialists and called for support of all Nigerians.

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