EPA Expresses Concern Over High Rate Of Insecurity In Kogi State

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Members of the Ebira Peoples Association (EPA), under the auspices of all Ebira people at home and diaspora have expressed concern over what they described as incessant cases of mindless killings, kidnapping, robbery and other violent crimes in the state.

LEADESRHIP report that in the last one year, no week has passed without incidents of kidnapping, abduction and even murder or rape in the state.

A statement made available to LEADERSHIP signed by the president, EPA, Dr. Musa Abdulrahman Adeiza said, despite the efforts of governments at all levels, criminals seem to operate freely and unhindered by the presence of a combined forces of police, soldiers and para-military agents.

Adeiza stressed that the high rate of crimes and insecurity in the state has also taken a heavy toll on businesses in areas generally regarded as the economic nerve-centres of the state.

‘’The situation is so bad that nearly everyone in Kogi central in particular, now lives in absolute fear.  Sons and daughters of Kogi central who live outside the state are now scared of coming home.  For many other Nigerians, traveling through the state has become a fearful experience as security is not always guaranteed.

‘’Most abductions in Nigeria are done for ransom and the victims are usually freed upon payment of ransom or some form of extended negotiation,” he said.

He disclosed in some instances even after payment of random, the victims are either killed or kept in the custody of their abductors with no further communication with relatives thus foreclosing chances of them reuniting with their families.

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