What’s This Fuss About Submission?

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To the Almighty God, the giver of life we ascribe all glory today for another wonderful opportunity to come your way againon The Super Family,the ministry with the mandate to help put our families in the right perspective, God’s perspective, by teaching and/or encouraging various family values which we believe will help transform our marriages from the ‘necessary evil’ many people consider it to be, to what God intends for us. We concluded last week on the subject of love where we mostly admonished our dear husbands on the need to love their wives as the word of God commands it. We begin another interesting topic today and this topic concerns the wives. So let’s talk about our responsibility to our husbands, which is submission.
The reason for my decision to adopt the title “What’s this fuss about submission?” can be easily guessed. The “female liberation movement” has so much infiltrated our culture and even the church that the subject of submission is considered by so many women as archaic. Many even advocate that it was only applicable to the church in Paul’s time and not in our time when we have so much technological innovations and women now taking up roles in the home, society and church that were in the past strictly arrogated to the male gender.
However, I like us to bear two things in mind. First, all of God’s instructions, are for our very good and from an all-loving God. So I need you wives reading this to trust Him that He’s not out to punish the female folks by asking us to submit to our husbands. Second, if you have followed us in the past three weeks and enjoyed how the word of God had instructed your husbands to love and care for you, then you should be ready to receive your own set of instructions as well. (If you need those series on love, please feel free to contact us). I must confess here that I’ve been learning submission too in recent times, by the Spirit of God, in a different way than I’d known it before, so permit me to share with you my discoveries.
Having said all that, let’s see how the scripture puts it in Ephesians 5: 22-24
“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife…… so let the wives be subject to their own husbands in everything”
We’ll explain our text in the following ways:
1.    To submit or be subject to is to yield to the authority of another. It is to willingly respect and obey someone. So God doesn’t expect us wives to be coerced to submit to our husbands. He expects us to do so willingly and joyfully too.
2.    “As unto the Lord”. This suggests to me that you must be in submission to God first to be able to submit to your husband. It doesn’t however in any way mean that your husband is to play “god” in your life, or that you submit to him in exactly the same way you submit to God, (we’ll touch on this later). What it means is that submitting to your husband is obedience to God and failure to do so is kicking against God and His commandment.
3.    “For the husband is the head of the wife”. This is an established fact and God’s perfect design. Whether your husband plays his headship role in the home or not, he is still the head and must be submitted to. A quick word here however to you husband who are just playing lousy husband but weak in your responsibility, you cannot continue to refuse to provide leadership to your wife. God has placed you as the leader of that woman and you are accountable to Him.
4.    “Let the wives be subject to their own husbands in everything”. This simply means that there are no acceptable excuses to dodge this command. Now I hear someone say “but he’s so selfish and insensitive” and “why should I submit to him when he doesn’t even love me as God has instructed him to do”. If you’re that kind of wife in such situation, you aren’t alone and I very much understand that feeling (I’ve felt the same way in more times than you can think). So receive grace to focus on your own responsibility and not on your husband’s faults.
We will continue on this subject next week, but before then, I like you wives to take the prayer below with me.
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