Identity My Way By Eki Orleans

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‘Eki’ means centre of attraction and for Eki Orleans being the centre of attraction is a natural consequence of wearing an Eki Orleans creation. After several successful collaborations, the IDENTITY My Way collection was the design house’s path to narrating a story their way. Questions were asked such as: “What makes us who we are?” and “How do we show our individual personalities?” With this collection – IDENTITY My Way – the fingerprint story is about identities evolving through life and our experiences as well as responsibilities, which are forever-changing.
With IDENTITY My Way, Ekiorleans decided to let their spontaneous, fun and playful personality shine through with the clash of prints. “We created looks that are strong and bold, yet like a fingerprint, they are never identical. There is constant change and transformation that occurs in life, which is reflected in this collection through the fluidity of the garments and mix of prints.”
Eki Orleans’ printed silks and diaphanous textiles create unique and individual pieces allowing the wearer to exhibit their own identity through the bold prints and soft and fluid fabrics

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